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Title: A Guide to Synergies
Post by: Joe Chip on September 28, 2013, 07:16:05 AM
Hey guys, i tried to make a first draft of a guide. This is currently in early beta stages, i will update it and add stuff to it daily. Thanks to all the members on this forum for their detailed threads and posts, i mostly copy pasted stuff around in order to make this mini guide.

0) Keyword System                                         [000KeyWd]

1) Introduction, what is Synergies ?                 [001Intro]

2) Synergies Team                                         [002STeam]

3) Installing Synergies                                    [003insta]

4) General Gameplay Changes                        [004Gamep]

5) Vanilla Skills changes                                  [005VSkill]

6) Tiers in Synergies                                       [006Tiers]

7) Crafting in Synergies                                 [007SCraf]

8 ) Towns in Synergies                                 [008Towns]

9) Synergies Raids                               [009SynDu]

10) Synergies Bosses                                   [010SBoss]

11) Mercenaries in Synergies                        [011Merce]

12) Legendary Items in Synergies                 [012Legen]
13) Classes in Synergies                               [013Class]

14) Useful Links                                           [014Usef!]
Title: Re: A Guide to Synergies
Post by: Joe Chip on September 28, 2013, 11:34:36 AM
0) Keyword System:[000KeyWd]

By using CTRL + F you can search for these keywords and jump to the appropriate section of this guide.

1) Introduction, what is Synergies ? [001Intro]

Synergies is full conversion and balance mod for Torchlight 2. The current version of the mod is 2.64. For older versions, please check out This guide (
Please keep in mind that some of this information is outdated.

2) Synergies Team                             [002STeam]

The current Dev team of Synergies:
Salan - All encompassing mod creator and developer, does everything not listed below.
Ghostblade - Class developer, Paladin, then something new.
Strukto - low level Item developer,  adding low to mid level legendaries to the general playthrough
Kelintor - Selrock zone developer, reworking his quest hubs and zones
Greatname - Sound Developer, working on spell effects and quest voice overs
MFS88 - Model and texture artist responsible for almost all of the unique models and textures
Hermundure - Artist working on Icons throughout the game
Hampton - Artist that did the portraits for the classes within synergies
Joe Chip - Forum moderator and documentor of all things synergies
Rimbaldi  - Quest Developer, working on quests, Skill descriptions and over all grammar.
FluffyDough - Website design and programmer

Currently awol Dev members of Synergies
Soryuu - Item developer currently away for life needs, but developer of Handcrossbows, throwing daggers, throwing weapons which will be reintroduced to the mod with the Ranger.
Cy - awol texture artist responsible for making the .5 tier texture rework
Nursury - awol texture artist responsible for making most of the necromancer artwork
SupercolidingButton - awol texture artist responsible for making the synergies logo, troll and warbeast retextures in the Troll homelands
Stormchaser - awol texture artist responsible for making the Phoenix tier1 rework
Catdog - awol forum and community moderator
unknown - Awol texture artist responsible for the warlock and necromancer charge bars

also art work allowed to be used by Attackgorrilla from team torcher includes the 5 rare dragon skins and Drek's skin:

3) Installing Synergies                       [003insta]

1)Installing Synergies through Steam

1)Install Steam
2)Buy Torchlight 2
3)Download Torchlight 2
4)Subscribe to synergies in the Workshop
5)Add Synergies to your selected mods

2) Installing Synergies on a Mac

Installing Torchlight 2
1) Install the Mac Steam version and buy the Torchlight 2 game.
2) Install the program PlayonMac.
3) Install the Windows version of Steam through PlayonMac.
4) Let Steam update the version.
5) Through the Windows version of Steam install Torchlight 2.
Now you hopefully have the latest version of Torchlight 2 on your computer. In order for it to work properly you have to disable all the shadows.

Installing SynergiesMod
1) Download the latest version of SynergiesMod
2) Unzip the .pak files
3) Now this step is the hard part, you have to locate your Torchlight 2 folder. In order to do that go to your "finder" and click on the right top of your screen to the "Go" option. Once you see all the available options press the "alt" key and the option "Library" will pop up.
Now once you are on the Library folder you simply have to navigate through various folders in order to reach the Torchlight 2 files. The folder that we want should be Library/PlayonMac/wineprefix/Steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Torchlight II/PAKS .
4) Relocate the SynergiesMod .pak files to the PAKS folder and you are good to go.

3) Installing Synergies without Steam

You are among the users who have bought the Torchlight II directly from the Runic website, and thus aren't able to download mods via steam ? No worry, you can play Synergies even if you don't have the steam version, here is a small step by step on how to do that.

How to manually install Synergies :

Thanks to potterman28wxcv for writing this section.

4) General Gameplay Changes                        [005VSkill]

You can read about the Gameplay Changes Here (

5) Vanilla Skills Changes               [005VSkill]
You can read about the Gameplay Changes Here (

6) Tiers in Synergies                         [006Tiers]

Tiers are used to describe end game raids.

Tier0 is the Derinkuyu dungeon. The monsters are harder then anything in the base game.   The gear there is 10-15% higher then the end game uniques in Tl2.  Also there is tier0 trash legendaries which are slightly lower and kind of half tiered items.

Tier0.5is found in the troll area, its not 'better' then 0 but more specialized and a bit harder to get, and the monsters that drop it are more varied and numerous.

Tier1 is Darknessfalls raid, 105.  It's currently work in progress.  Its gear is not available yet.  The gear here will be 10-25% higher then tier0.  and the fights will be mostly impossible without gear from tier0.

You can find Tier 0 Legendary Items in the Tier 0 Dungeon and Tier 1 legendary items in the Tier 1 dungeon.

7) Crafting in Synergies                      [007SCraf]

You can read about Synergies Crafting Here (

8 ) Towns in Synergies                        [008Towns]

Table Mountain


In table mountain you will find the following merchants.
Salan Witherwind offers you a great selection of unique armor and weapons. you can also buy the Jewelled sword, the PVP waypoint portal and the Znojmo Vault maps.
Aberdokki Witherwind offers you some rare and unique weapons and armor.
Celindari Witherwind offers you a great selection of rare items.
7 enchanters that are named after users of this forum. Please note that the enchantments in Synergies are nerfed.
Kelintor merchant Through this merchant you can travel to Selrock
2 Jewelier merchants
One crafting merchant


In Selrock you can find the following merchants
K'zor the trainer from this merchant you can buy the dummy scrolls (they summon a dummy) and the mimic stash scrolls (through this scrolls you can summon your stashes wherever you are)
Keira the traveler Through the merchant you can buy various dungeon stashes. These are :
-The Battlefield
-The Blightlands
-The desolate lands
-The desert
-The hills
-The steppes
-The clockwork citadel waypoint portal
-The clockwork crucible waypoint portal
-The clockwork castle waypoint portal
Through this merchant you can also buy the Unstable embers.

In Selrock you can also find the Kel Vault. In here you can deposit your gold in order to save it, or to change it between characters.
Title: Re: A Guide to Synergies
Post by: Joe Chip on September 30, 2013, 07:16:33 AM
9) Synergies Raids                        [009SynDu]
You can read about the Synergies Raids Here (

10) Bosses in Synergies                                     [010SBoss]
You can read about the Synergies bosses Here (

11) Mercenaries in Synergies                [011Merce]

The Mercenaries are an upcoming update in Synergies. They will come in the form of scrolls that you can summon for a limited period of time. The mercenaries all wear  tier1 armor / weapon sets and some lower tier weapons.

Pictures and names of the mercenaries
( (
Short300    Yieryal    Skitl    Psypher    StrUkt0    Sparrownutz    Quake    Killerrob   
Monstermash    scubbaSteve    mindwork    Bananagrams    dreams    Taran

( (
Roks - 2 reversed Wak's    JoeChip - 2 forward facing wak's   
WhiteSparrow - 1 reversed wak, 1 katana    HughManatee - 2 kunai    Grinder - 2 forward Ninjato's
Xercules -Nodachi    Miothan - Reversed Tanto and Wak    LordofGORE - 1 forward facing wak, 1 katana

( (
Synaphix    Ytdulu    DeathGuard    Senteliks    Arixal    Babbegibs    Supaty    Tsuelue    ReliableAcorn    RaymondLi    Potterman    Freykin

( (
Salan    Ghostblade    MFS88    Stormchaser

( (
Celindari    Bloodlotus    Valdir    Atcqk

12) Legendary Items in Synergies               [012Legen]

You can read about the Legendary items Here (

13) Classes in Synergies                       [013Class]

There are currently 3 classes available in Synergies. These are :
1) The Necromancer
2) The Paladin (Currently in early beta stages)
3) The Warlock

14) Usefull Links                              [014Usef!]
Classes that are well balanced with Synergies (
Synergies Social media sites (
TL2RR Synergies Edition + Additional Classes (
How does WEAPONDPS% work ? (
Salan's Fame thread (
Synergies Mod Collection (
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