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Title: What is Synergies?
Post by: Catdog on December 19, 2012, 05:46:44 AM

~ Synergies Mod Description ~
The first full conversion and balance mod for Torchlight 2!

Link to Q&A Thread > HOW TO INSTALL & a tiny introduction to Synergies (
Please use the forum for discussion or questions, and report Bugs in the Bug Report Forum! (
If you resume with an old character, Reroll your world  for the changes to take effect.

Included Mods and General Changes

- Hair/Face Mod - All faces, hairstyles, and a bazillion of colors. - New! also all male faces available now!
- Inventory mod, 10 player pages, 10 pet pages, 20 stash pages.
- Expanded shared stash mod. 1000 shared stash slots!
- Lyravega's Gem Box ( mod to Synergies.

- 1.4 Zoom mod ( by Happy Fun Times. Get 1.2 Standard Zoom HERE (, or 1.5/1.6 Zoom HERE ( if you want standard or wider camera.
- Not included, but pretty mandatory to have: Turnable Camera Camera Mod (

- Lotho's Direwolf (
- KelinTor's Merchant + Boss wave + Mercenaries V1.3 (
- Added Lotho's new Deserted Gold Mine Map ( made for Synergies! ( Map available @ Salan Vendor in Mapworks. Best moneymaker ever!
- Better Magic Vendor ( in act 2+3: more scrolls, socketables and set pieces. ?
- Added Scrolls for direct travel to all towns and Mapworks  ( Scrolls available @ Table Mountain
- Added a Respec Potion. refunds all Skills- max Fame raised to level 50, added Names for the new ranks.
- Lowered xp per monster.
- Faster level and dungeon respawns - lowered time till refresh for all zones and floors of dungeons, don't dilly dally.

Created a whole new city:  TABLE MOUNTAIN
buy a portal from any general merchant to access table mountain
- Infinite range for multiple players Loot, XP and Damage reduction sharing.
- Changed the color of  Magical   Rare   Unique   Legendary   Setpieces   Quests   (Scrolls, Maps, Spells) (overrideable by L2Pot/Spell/Gem Mods)
- Increased gold and Magic find slightly.
- Doubled the value of all loot when being sold to merchants, 2x the return.
- Added: 1 Handed Crossbows to the mod, they are a work in progress and will continue to evolve. See HERE ( for further information.

- In order to upgrade a gem to a higher level, you must have 4 gems now, instead of 2.
- This doesn't effect end game, but it was too easy to move gems up levels previously, and very over saturated because of the higher drop rates. includes normal, rare and unique gems except eyes.
- Transmute mana/health into rejuv potions, as well as rejuv to next higher level.
- Gem level requirements reduced to level 1 for socketting.
- Aberdokki in Mapworks sells new Gems.
- Transmuting Recipes for the new Armor Sets and Weapons can be found  HERE ( and   Here: Runic Games (
Check "New Armor and Weapons" for more info.

- Removed Repulsion Hex Synergies Edition (, you can redownload it if you want from here: Mediafire: Repulsion hex reworked into a 6 second shout! (
- Changed Rumble to have a 75% chance to break shields and a 3% chance to stun as well as break pots.
- Made Skeleton archers moveable .

Stat/Skill Progression:
- Wolpaks New stat ranges ( for all basic stats and related effects.
- Changed requirement level to all skill unlocks starting at level 1 for the 1st skill.
- Altered the Skill progression rate, to make it take longer to get the final tiers, and/or finalize them. DETAILS HERE (
Title: What is Synergies #2 - Balance Changes + Pictures
Post by: Catdog on December 19, 2012, 06:45:45 AM
Balance Changes to Items, Monsters and Spawntables
Equipment must be newly bought/gambled/dropped to carry the changed values!

- new (legendary) Weapontype:  Rifle  (shotgun that fires like a bow and is effected by shotgunne mastery and bow range+)
- new Weapontype:  Throwing Axe
- new Weapontype: 1 hand Crossbows!

- All Shields are now part of "is a shield" set. Sorry for those who have to rebuy their shields for double affixes (shield and set).
- Shields have been balanced with a -15% spell casting effect
- Increased shield Armor by 30%
- Increased shield block by 3%
- Increased shield knockback resistence by 20%
- Unique shields: lowered armor to between legendaries and blues.

- All Green/Blue 2handed weapons increased in weaponDPS by 40%
- Added 1 range to 2handed range weapons
- Added / edited more Dual wielding bonuses
- 2handers strikerange increased by .15
- 2handers 120 weapon arc changed to 135
- 2handers secondary dmg changed from 50% to 65%

- Raised 1handed weapon damage 15%
- Claws DPS slightly lowered
- Bow DPS raised

- Legendary weapons are considered tier1 level of gear, and won't be upgraded any further.
- Unique Weapon and Armor buff.
- Blue / Green Items stack Affixes.
- Unique weapons raritydmgmod was increased slightly above its original values, unique weapons won't stack their affixes like Blues, but they will do superior base DPS.
- Unique armor got a 40% increase on rarity armor value. Blues/Greens will stack their affixes but uniques will have more base Armor.

Monster and Spawntable Changes:
- Doubled all Monsters Health pools
- Monster draw range increased
- Increased monster health by additional 25%
- Increased monster damage by 15%
- Increased armor% of all monsters by 10%

- The CRIT chance of monsters is now -100 instead of 0. (No monster or pet crits)
- removed the Critical Bonus Damage Graph, will use the Vanilla bonus damage graph, which is higher.
- Changed all zone/dungeon values. More monsters, less gaps.

Multiplayer Balance:

Changed the graphs for player to monster damage, for how many players are in the game.
vanilla Torchlight:  players lose 40% dmg for the first player to join, a total of 60% for the third person in the group.
after patch: it now starts out slowly for the first 3 players playing together, and stops at 40% at 6 players.
Changed the graphs for monster to player damage, for how many players are in the game
vanilla Torchlight: the monsters gain a huge increase in damage per player, it spikes up to something like 80% at 6 players.
after patch: monsters will gain 1% dmg per player joining, flat rate. 1% for 2, 2% for 3, 3% for 4, 4% for 5, 5% for 6. this will allow consistent balance of end game content with groups in mind.

- Discussion Thread about: Multiplayer issue with GEAR BEING DISPLAYED (


New Town!
( (

Peak at the armor sets:
( ( ( (

Peak at crafting a new Weapon and the crafting material:
( ( ( (

A young Necromancer with his pet -  and a look at the Shared Stash and your Inventory!
( ( ( (

New Merchants Aberdokki and Salan!
( (
Title: What is Synergies #3 - New craftable Armor and Weapons
Post by: Catdog on December 19, 2012, 01:20:39 PM
NEW craftable endgame Armor & Weapons

- Aftermath, Brimstone and Eclipse Set is now in game!
- Aftermath Armor uses a custom model by MFS88
- Brimstone Armor is a rework of mondons by MFS88
- Eclipse Armor uses the purple emberweave retexture as its graphic.
- When transmuting - try CTRL LEFT CLICKING the items and ONLY putting in the number you need
The transmuter is rather stupid, and doesn't actually let you select the outcome, but rather looks through a list of recipes and pops out the first workable solution to what you put in. For instance want the aftermath helm?
-> put in 3 magic essenes, 2 devils blood and 1 thorn, AND ONLY that amount.. and it is 100% chance at teh helm

Armor crafting supplies drop from Darkness Falls Raid Bosses:
CLICK for Recipes..  Aftermath Armor (    Brimstone Armor (    Eclipse Armor (
- Legendary armor crafting loot from Normal DF have ~ 1 in 5 chance to drop per boss
- Legendary armor crafting loot from Hard DF have ~ 3 in 5 chance to drop per boss
- Extreme DF has 100% dropchance.
- The bosses will only ever drop 1 crafting piece per kill.

Weapon crafting supplies drop from Overworld Bosses:
CLICK for Recipes to craft the new Tier1 Weapons! (
- Kite the blue engineer spawns in the Battlefield and drops the Electric crystal
- Kane the red engineer spawns in the Frozen Battlefield and drops the Sanguine Gem
- Tarnitha the green outlander spawns in Rivenskull Gorge and drops the Crystal shard (emerald shard I think it got named)
- Laeroth the black necromancer (who isn't much of a necromancer) spawns in Desert Battlefield and drops the Poison Crystal
- Ice crystal drops from 2 of these bosses.
- Mysterious gem drops from 2 of these bosses.
- Bosses drop only 1 crafting piece. so if they drop an ice crystal or mysterious gem, they dont drop their own piece!
- someday 2 more bosses for will be added :)

Title: What is Synergies #4 - Custom Maps and Worldbosses
Post by: Catdog on December 19, 2012, 01:21:01 PM
Custom Maps:

War Camp
PVP is now a real potential, Kill your friends, kill the monsters, kill everything! Buy a portal from Salan (not celindari) for this, as its end game content. once in the zone activating the waypoint allows you to enter the zone from the waypoint, as well as a purchased portal, giving you two seperate spots to zone in at, allowing you to deal with corpse campers easier!
This zone REMEMBERS you as per normal zones, and allows portals, more entry points, and able to teleport to people there.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO FLAG /PVP TO FIGHT HERE, you are automatically flagged entering the zone, and your pets/minions are aggressive to other players automatically if assigned as aggressive stance.
This zone has Buffs and Debuffs to further PVP into a more entertaining experience.

Players will be effected by
+40,000 life
+200 health regen per second
-60% block
-75% damage recieved
-100% damage done
Monsters will be effected by
+50% health
-30% damage

The biggest addition is the 100% chance to cast Murphy's Law on player death.
Murphy's law will summon 2 random Elite/champion/worldboss/raredragon mobs from the Derinkuyu spawnclass, as well as having added in all the original games bosses.
Corpse camping will be next to impossible due to the extra mobs being spawned, and will give the fight more of a chaoticness.
It is obvious that the game was not designed with PVP in mind, there will be OverPowered builds, and UnderPowered builds. I will attempt to maintain this zone in a manner that makes the experience enjoyable for all.


check patchnotes.  :(

( Znojmo Maps! lvl 56-65, 65-85, 86-95, 96-100.
- Almost every champion in the game has a chance to show up in this dungeon.
- Znojmo champions can spawn 1 extra champion per spawn.
- no crafting material drops.

Darkness Falls Raid Maps - Armor crafting & world boss farming.

You need to buy only the first map at the vendor. If you defeat the boss, he will drop the next map in a chain. Each new map spawns another set of monsters!

( - Darkness Falls Easy scales with level.
- no crafting material drops, but fun and a multiuse scroll for DF normal at the end!

( - Darkness Falls (105)
- Engineers added on the end of the chain for DF NORMAL (105) with a new trash level full of only champions and elite monsters
- 1/5 chance on crafting material

( - Darkness Falls (150) HARD
- Engineers added on the end of the chain for DF HARD (150) with a new trash level full of only champions and elite monsters
- All boss mobs raised minimum damage by 10 to 15 dmg. Armor raised 10 to 15 pnts. Hitpoints increased by 500-700 base.
- 3/5  chance on crafting material

( - Darkness Falls (200) EXTREME
- All Bosses, and their respectful trash levels are represented in the 200 chain.
- 200th level bosses have had their minimum damage upped to be the same as their maximum damage (in most cases 10 pnts)
- 200th level bosses have had their armor and elemental armors raised slightly from the HARD version (this might need lowering)

- Bosses have a much more robust loot table and roll twice and have an even higher chance to drop legenadary loot.
- 5/5 meaning 100% chance on crafting materials.

How to get out of the Dungeon:
All darkness Falls bosses now drop a portal called "Take me to Table Mountain" This portal is usable inside DF and will allow you to leave the instant you kill the boss if you wish, its a 1 way trip to Table Mountain. After killing the boss, plz ignore the portal leading deeper into the dungeon! (all you find is a low lvl Manticore...)
Anti Farming Note:
The game remembers 3 levels... you have to go to 3 other areas that are remembered before it will cycle the same map, or log out, reroll your world and then go back in.
It does this so you can't go back / forth between 1st or 3rd level and the boss level. Otherwise all you would have to do is go up or down and back in and the boss would be respawned.

( NEW! Outdoor Maps - Weapon crafting & world boss farming.

- Created Battlefield overland Dungeons.
( Added Lotho's new Deserted Gold Mine Map ( made for Synergies!
Map available at the Salan Vendor in Mapworks. Best moneymaker ever!

( Added Tartarus ( the ultimate dungeon. by PaulTM

Extreme (base lvl 150 monsters) and Lite (scales with player level) versions - you can buy both Maps at the Map vendor.
completely random monster/champion/boss monsters inside. You can encounter EVERY POSSIBLE monster/boss/champs available in Torchlight 2.
Balanced Monster Spawn. No more 5-10 bosses ganging up on the entrance. (but they might gang you up somewhere, but not too much)
Environment CHANGES every after the 5th floor.  After 100 floor, the environment will be static.
Both versions increase monster levels by 1 every after 2 floors.

Please visit ( for an enviroment fixed version and more info on Tartarus by PaulTM.

Synergies World Bosses:- Worldbosses have 1 in 500 chance to drop a legendary, lowered from 1 in 2500+ chance.
- Added a new Gem chance to the Worldboss treasure list, with a guaranteed roll on it, what ya get is rather random thou!

FairyQueen world boss is in. Be prepared to have your face melted.
- Fairyqueen was missing entries in distance to spot, follow, and react to damage. She will now be more aggressive within 25 meters range!
- Fairyqueens fire spell ranked up a bit more, she is a world boss after all.. learn to dodge, or be melted!

The Fallen God added to game!
- He now has more health, spawns with Elite Mobs, and uses proper Skills.
- He'll hit harder now, Fallengod is now 2.5 scale, with a 3 bonus-reach.

The BEAST added to game!
- The Beast is a Werewolf like no other! He spawns with his trusty side kicks Jekyll and Hyde.
- Jekyll wants a return to normality.. Hyde... He wants to eat your face!

Zicarax the Destroyer added to the game! a Devil world boss...He spawns with minions of Devilspawn!.
- Devilspawns got a bit of a buff. They will now cause a non stacking bleed with, and a stacking 2 second armor debuff! don't let em swarm you !!!

Vraakk the First Born world boss added!
Not much is known about him, if anyone found him, he died a horrible death and cant tell..
- Warlock Blizzard now slows the player by 20% if it hits them.
- Changed Vraakks totem placement spawns to be ELITE monsters only, changed the monsters to be popcorn bomber and melee Varks.
- Changed Vraakks totem summon to be a ELITE mini-caster that has the ability to rez the other ELITES, slow beam and blizzard cast.

Korvax the Undieing, and his son Kilion are on their search for redemption!
Korvax was killed by the Lich King, but not before he saw his only son also die by the hand of the evil lord. In those last moments as he drew his last breath he claimed a small piece of the lich king for himself, and embraced undeath! Upon awakening he found his sons corpse burned to the bones. Out of his anguish and undieing love he brought him back from death! To his horror his sons body did not repair its wounds and instead formed into a hulking Golem, a shade of what he use to be.... Driven mad by time eternal they now stalk darkness falls, looking for their killer, and killing all life they come in contact with!

2 new World Bosses in DF Extreme (level 200).

new Overworld Battlefield Boss Spawns (these drop the parts for TIER1 Weapon Crafting)

- Kite the blue engineer spawns in the Battlefield
- Kane the red engineer spawns in the Frozen Battlefield
- Tarnitha the Green outlander spawns in Rivenskull Gorge
- And Laeroth the black necromancer (who isn't much of a necromancer) spawns in Desert Battlefield.
- more to come.
Title: What is Synergies? #5 New Class - Necromancer! New Pets!
Post by: Catdog on December 21, 2012, 11:28:06 PM
The Necromancer!

( (

Youtube Videos:
The Paladin!
( (

The Ninja ŠEpoch (

click the pics/links for more info..
Title: What is Synergies? #6 How to install and a short Introduction to Synergies!
Post by: Catdog on December 24, 2012, 03:01:51 AM
How to install Synergies:

To install Synergies (or other Mods) simply unzip both pak files into your TL2 pak folder:
To uninstall remove both pak files from the folder.
for steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\PAKS
no steam: x:\xx\Torchlight II\PAKS  (your tl2 install folder, not the one in C:\)


since i dont use one, this part is coming soon.. :) 

Some tips and a short introduction to Synergies:

- Good luck and enjoy Synergies!

- Feedback on the new content and your experience with Synergies is welcome!

Synergies is compatible to other Mods!

Some Mods Compatible with Synergies: (non exclusive list, this are just examples. i cant test all.)

- Turnable Camera Camera Mod (
- Class and Skill mods (custom classes,passive skills, the world (
- Catdog's Petmod Overhaul ( - or - Synergies Pets ( (co-mod)
- Starting Pet Mods and Fish Pet Swap (
- 2nd Hotkey bar! Slotter (
- AllArmorAllClasses
- ArmorSwap (
- Miles the Undead Fishmonger (

- KelinTor's Higher than lvl 100 Items Synergies Ed ( --> DOWNLOAD new version, with lvl 500 itemfix (
Best used together with:
- Krissgjeng's Level and Fame Mod ( (Raising max lvl)  --> Thread on Synergies Forums (

- UI Mods LOOK HERE! (
- Complete Torchlight texture overhaul TL2 Remastered -V1.1- (
- Darker/Sharper Dx Shaders (Skyrim Diablo3 (, ENB Series (

If you like your/a mod added to the list, pm/post, and i add it.
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Fluffydough on December 30, 2012, 07:28:08 PM
You are awesome to have laid all this out. 
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Salan on January 28, 2013, 03:08:23 PM

Derinkuyu is going through an evolution of sorts, and this entry will be edited and corrected shortly as that happens.
For now I wanted to display the Affixes you will find in derinkuyu and on the new Hero monsters.

Derinkuyu leveling will take from the lower % of affixes (when two of the same are listed, the bottom will only be available)
Derinkuyu 150 will take from the whole list.
Hero monsters will take from the whole list.

Bonus Armor: 25% - Armored
Bonus Armor: 50% - Plated
Attack speed increase: 15% - Quick
Attack speed increase: 30% - Dervish
Player block debuff (when they hit you): 30% - Shield Breaking
player block debuff (when they hit you): 60% - Shield Destroying
Crit Chance: 15% - Bullseye
Crit Chance: 30% - Blademaster
Cast speed: 15% - Nimble
Cast speed: 30% - Quick Caster
Degrade armor (when they hit you): 1 - Armor Breaker
Degrade armor (when they hit you): 2 - Armor Destroyer
Bonus damage: 25% - Brute
Bonus damage: 50%- Giant
Damage reduction (less damage taken): 25% - Resistent
Damage reduction (less damage taken): 50% - Impervious
Damage reduction (less damage taken): 75% - Invulnerable
Fire Damage bonus: 15% - Burning
Fire Damage bonus: 30% - Blazing
Ice Damage bonus: 15% - Cold
Ice Damage bonus: 30% - Freezing
Poison Damage bonus: 15% - Infected
Poison Damage bonus: 30% - Plagued
Cast Glacier Spike on strike: 1% - Spikey
Cast Glacier Spike on strike: 3% - Needler
MAX hitpoints: 25% bonus - Healthy
MAX hitpoints: 50% bonus - Hardy
Knockback when hitting player: 15 force - Pusher
Knockback when hitting player: 25 force - Tackler
Monster Lifesteal on hit: 1 (unsure of value in game) - Leech
Monster Lifesteal on hit: 2 (unsure of value in game) - Leeching
Monster Lifesteal on hit: 25% of damage done - Vampire
Monster Lifesteal on hit: 50% of damage done - Vampiric
Missile reflection: 30% to reflect 15% dps - Deflecting
Missile reflection: 60% to reflect 20% dps - Reflecting
Movement increase: 15% - Fleet of foot
Movement increase: 25% - Speedy
Damage reflect: 20 (not sure value in game yet) - Spiny
Damage reflect: 40 (not sure value in game yet) - Barbed
Weapon Damage bonus: 50% melee damage bonus - Gladiator
Weapon Damage bonus: 75% melee damage bonus - Destroyer
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: laopi23 on April 02, 2013, 08:28:12 PM
Hi guys im new here so i dont quite get it...

I download the synergy mod...

when i extract it came with the name of synergy.mod
nothing else just that file
and I dont know what to do
besides this is my firts time using the mod

Can u tell me what to do??
Im dying to isntall this mod to my torchlight

btw my current version of the game is
Also it is a repack game by kaos

Thanks in advance....
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: deathbit on April 02, 2013, 08:40:30 PM
Buy the game on steam for 10 bucks right now... use steamworkshop to install the new synergies... play.. lol
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Ynera on May 18, 2013, 05:18:05 PM
Hey all! First of all you do a really good work with this MOD.

Now the question, I've succefully installed all the feature via Steam and all works good but.. I previous have an Ambermage level 100 (now after upgrading my char at the 3 new vendors) I am totally squishy around the world :p I was in act 2 ng+ and the mobs literally oneshot me. I've also tried some of the new map choosing a lower level) but the result is the same. The real problem is the Hp pool, coz the Dps is good.

Any advice?

Tnx all :D
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Salan on May 19, 2013, 01:23:15 AM
your best bet is to replace your gear with stuff from the vendors first, and look into your build.  there are threads about this topic in the FAQ forum as well.
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Keis on May 20, 2013, 04:36:41 AM
Hello im new in synergies and i started playing it after i finish all acts and using my past saves.
I have a question cause of the map vendor on table mountain dont sell Darkness Falls Raid maps or any other raid dungeons except gold mine and Znojmo Maps, so where can i buy them im using the 2.189 version. Also Drek the Death Dealer didnt gave a quest when i clicked him no dialog or message and other Bosses on DK tier0 - lv105 dont have drops at all like Kite the Dragon Rider. Thanks
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Senteliks on May 20, 2013, 05:37:52 AM
This is very very outdated tread and its for synergies up to 1.5 and from 2- ..... many things changed (all things actually changed,some of old features were strip off due to conversion bugs and have yet to be integrated again).But there are completely reworked Derinkuyu 105 and Derinkuyu for leveling ,two new zones which counts as ACT 5 ! Bunch of new items and sockets, new craftable system (actually it exist in old version of Synergies i think i am not sure because i didn't play Synergies before v 2)... new monsters,Trolls,dragons ... and a lot more.And its much more more addictive now ( i lied i did play before v2 but i never manage to level up any of my toons beyond 20 level, i just didn't like the mod).

Anyway this post should really be locked or removed because people just getting confused Salan.Or just find someone else to re-edit this tread in the same manner that Catdog did (since he is still MIA i assume).
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: Soulcommando on May 20, 2013, 01:44:39 PM
Is there a thread that outlines the current up-to-date features of Synergies? I'm kind of new to Synergies myself.
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: umut.siso on May 23, 2013, 08:28:42 AM
 Does the new synergies version include raid dungeon/tartarus and new craftables  ? I can't seem to find these dungeons...
Title: Re: What is Synergies?
Post by: HughManatee on May 23, 2013, 01:23:40 PM
Does the new synergies version include raid dungeon/tartarus and new craftables  ? I can't seem to find these dungeons...

There is no Tartarus, but there is Derinkuyu (DK) both 105 and leveling versions, and Or'Ak Pass area.

Craftables will be reintroduced to the game for later advancement, right now the equipment just drops from bosses.
Title: Re: What is Synergies #3 - New craftable Armor and Weapons
Post by: zipsy on February 22, 2017, 03:58:50 AM
Hello guys, trying to click - CLICK for Recipes..  Aftermath Armor    Brimstone Armor    Eclipse Armor

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you. WHY THISSS???help pls >:(
Title: Re: What is Synergies #3 - New craftable Armor and Weapons
Post by: Miothan on February 22, 2017, 12:16:13 PM
Hello guys, trying to click - CLICK for Recipes..  Aftermath Armor    Brimstone Armor    Eclipse Armor

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you. WHY THISSS???help pls >:(

You do not craft any equipable T1 or T1.5 items, it's something that was never implemented from way back.

T1 items drops from Darkness Falls bosses, Boss chests and Challenge chests, and T1.5 items drops from trash mobs in Darkness Falls.

You can read about it in the T1 subforum.