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Title: Ironman HCE Challenge - Looking for one more player !
Post by: potterman28wxcv on February 27, 2017, 08:05:21 AM
While looking through custom rules I've found out this gem :

Basically by playing Ironman, you abide to the following rules :
I guess the only exception we can have is for the enchanters you find in dungeons.
Of course, the difficulty would be Elite. Also, we would be playing Vanilla Torchlight 2 (so no Synergies mod. If we ever complete it, we could move on to a modded game though)

If any of you is interested, post here and say that you are interested ! I'd like a full 4-players party. My only condition to join is that you must be in Europe - not because I don't like americans or asians/australians, but because of 1) ping problems - if high pings we will get hit by invisible monsters etc.. and 2) it's easiest to plan a time to meet up.

Please post below your location, and the classes you'd like to play. I guess we could arrange a Discord for this challenge

Player list:
I also posted on Steam forums (