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Hey guys! I really love this game and i'm gonna be honest i tried the pirated version.I don't have a job and i'm only 16 so it's kinda hard to get the money for a game in my country.Just wondering do you guys know if there are any sites where i can get a steam key for like 4-5 dollars? Maybe i can manage to buy it that way.Or have you heard of any promotions coming up? Just wondering,if you have any info,please respond,any help would be appreciated.Would really love to have the original!

Thanks a lot,once again sorry for trying the pirated version but i was desperate :P
Synergies Patch Notes / Re: Patch 1337
« Last post by diegoweiller on July 25, 2017, 01:56:54 AM »
Its good to see things are back into motion as for the patch notes i would like to ask if bugs from the previous patch were fixed if not i would like to say that Giant Killer isn't working properly.

BTW Glad to see you back salan XD

Also, how are thing at GD? couldn't find you there, any links?
Synergies Patch Notes / Re: Patch 1332
« Last post by Extermegamer29 on July 23, 2017, 08:58:52 PM »
Hi salan

I have had an issue with the paladin. When i try to put character stats points in my game crashes.

My paladin is currently level 46. I have had this issue since the mid level 20's.

I have to wait a few levels in order to put the character stat points in.

Great job on the paladin so far. I am loving it

I hope you can fix this issue.


General Discussion / Re: [Mythical Item] Nature's Wrath
« Last post by Salan on July 22, 2017, 02:33:55 AM »
Not mine sorry ... mmmm
General Discussion / Re: [Mythical Item] Nature's Wrath
« Last post by GulyFMG on July 19, 2017, 10:37:54 AM »
Your Druid class is from Extra Synergies Classes - which aren't Synergies classes by the way

Yeah i know, that's why i'm even more intrigued because in the google sheet with synergies T1 items there's no mention on Nature's Wrath set and like i said the autor of Extra Synergies Classes also said that there is no T1 item set for the Druid.

Maybe a some new Set's from Salan  ;D ;D
General Discussion / Re: [Mythical Item] Nature's Wrath
« Last post by potterman28wxcv on July 19, 2017, 07:56:42 AM »
You shouldn't have gotten it from Boon - i think its' the kind of Tier 1 items that only drops through bosses (i might be wrong though)

Your Druid class is from Extra Synergies Classes - which aren't Synergies classes by the way
General Discussion / Phase Beast Challenge's
« Last post by Magnusmak on July 17, 2017, 09:15:57 AM »
Is it possible to encounter "Avoid the lava challenge" in Sundered Battlefields? Been farming the phase beast there for hours now and haven't gotten that challenge yet -.-...
General Discussion / [Mythical Item] Nature's Wrath
« Last post by GulyFMG on July 14, 2017, 12:54:00 PM »
Decided to come back since Salan restarted to update the mod. Was doing some T0 raid and decided to use a Boon vendor and found this mythical item.
Can someone tell me where does it came from?

Decided to search the class thread and found this:
"Druid Class
The druid class focuses on the three skill tiers of Shape shifting, Nature and Summoning. Although not possible to permanently shape shift, the druid will use skills to attack as a werewolf temporarily.
The druid is done and mostly balanced. There are no great tier 1 items for it yet, but that will be one of my next steps."

So i'm a bit at loss, if someone could help me satisfy my curiosity ;D
Here are my mods:

Other Topics / Re: Most Sought After Residential Spaces in Trivandrum
« Last post by Miothan on July 11, 2017, 06:32:44 AM »
Would be great if a forum mod could delete this topic and ban the obvious virus infested link poster.
Other Topics / Most Sought After Residential Spaces in Trivandrum
« Last post by Morgana on July 11, 2017, 02:57:37 AM »
Apartments in Trivandrum feature the most sought after residential buildings in Kerala capital. The demand for villas, apartments, penthouses and luxury suites in Trivandrum increased significantly. They convert the residential dreams of Trivandrum citizenry into a reality and some luxury flats in Trivandrum are equipped with features including crèche, basket ball court, and tennis courts. Prices of deluxe apartments in Trivandrum range from forty lakhs to one crore and they are located in posh residential areas of the city. Builders in Trivandrum are most reputed real estate organizations in the country and they have a strong foothold in the construction industry. They have an excellent track record of on time project completion and they have made several contributions to the real estate industry of the state. Trivandrum builders have a multitude of residential projects in the city and each apartment in Trivandrum is steeped with tradition as well as heritage.
     Living in Trivandrum apartments will make life easier for apartment dwellers and it fits the bill of average apartment dweller. Party hall, games room, multipurpose gymnasium, and centralized gas connection are the facilities offered in Trivandrum apartments. A Trivandrum apartment will give the luxury of perfect living at affordable price tags and top builders in Kerala are raising the benchmark. Villas provide high level of personal space as well as privacy when compared with other residential alternatives. Trivandrum flats is a familiar name in the residential space of Kerala and they have more than thirty years of experience. They have been helping thousands of customers in fulfilling their dream home aspirations. 
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