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T1 Raids / Re: Is this mod dead?
« Last post by Miothan on Today at 02:07:11 AM »
Sadly, as Potterman already wrote, this mod can be considered dead by now, has been too long since a patch was released for SynergiesMOD and Salan is no-where to be found.

A lot of stuff is left unfinished and probably will never be updated, but SynergiesMOD is still a very complete experience.
T1 Raids / Re: Is this mod dead?
« Last post by demon-storm on April 23, 2017, 10:47:41 AM »
Sad :(

Seems like I'll have to be contented with melee classes, since playing physical rangers is impossible :(

A very quick and easy fix would be to reduce the missile reflect damage to 0%. This way, bosses are extremely tough only, they won't one shot you with your own hits.

On another note, has anyone heard anything of Salan recently? Is he ok? I mean, he's been inactive for almost a year both here and on the grim dawn forums.
You're not supposed to have access to Mapworks when you're lvl 20. Mapworks level is 55, that's why you get lvl 55 wands there.
T1 Raids / Re: Is this mod dead?
« Last post by potterman28wxcv on April 23, 2017, 08:44:44 AM »
The mod is dead, Salan hasn't worked on it for a very long time now
T1 Raids / Re: Is this mod dead?
« Last post by Kahlan on April 22, 2017, 07:13:10 PM »
 I dont think this mod is dead. Thought I have been wondering why is Paladin still in alpha after all that time.
I would definitely appreciated more people playing, since getting some info is sometimes impossible (though Synergies Mod calculator and sets page is good enough).
I have started playing Hardcore 14 days ago. Just started playing because of 75% off on steam honestly. Im having huge fun so far. Even though my 2 hardcore characters died already, so Im leveling the 3rd one (on level 22 so far, wish me luck hehe).
T1 Raids / Is this mod dead?
« Last post by demon-storm on April 22, 2017, 06:13:59 PM »
So, there hasn't been an update for a long time now. Can we expect anything in the future?

Will the missile reflect in darknessfalls ever be addressed so ranged physical characters can also exist?
General Discussion / Synergies HARDCORE - Korto (Multi-purpose merchant)
« Last post by Kahlan on April 21, 2017, 02:58:20 PM »
Heya fellow companions with only 1 life.

I was wondering what is your opinion on Korto merchant in Mapworks.
This merchant can give you SIGNIFICANT boost if you have enough STAT level (Focus,Dextertity, Vitality, Strenght).

I can buy a wand for level 56 (when Im level 20) just because I have 108 focus already (or something like that, you get the point) and get +200 damage.

Im not sure how much is this legit for Hardcore fans. Are you buying his gear/weapons?
Do you think its ok to have this option (especially for Hardcore)?

In my opinion, It is legit because we fulfill requirements for that item.
Though, its true that in vanilla you cant get to other cities before finishing the ACT right?
Well, Synergies was designed for Elite difficulty, so maybe thats why.
General Discussion / Re: A few questions If I may...
« Last post by potterman28wxcv on April 16, 2017, 07:47:25 PM »
Question 1: only the DPS of your right hand counts. The left hand is just not taken into account at all by the game. But the bonus of your left hand applies to your right hand as well - so if you have a say 10% attack speed on left hand, then it's gonna be applied to your right hand.

Using dual wield is only useful if you have specific bonus to dual wielding, or if you want to use auto attack

Question 2: in vanilla TL2, melee classes all have a base 25% damage reduction. In Synergies, all the classes have it.

Question 3: I think it might be Boss Spells, but i'm not sure. But you can buy waypoint scrolls anywhere - just send your pet buy them for you. It's cheap. I you're really tight on money I think you can also buy Act 1 scrolls in Selrock - scrolls that teleport you directly to say Act 1. It's a one-way trip though.
General Discussion / A few questions If I may...
« Last post by Kahlan on April 16, 2017, 01:24:02 PM »
Im playing Synergies Hardcore Elite Warlock via LAN (had to change difficulty).

Im using mods:
Ultimate Boss chests
Golden chest with Uniques
Respec Potion
Respec / Restat potion
More hotkeys
Boss Spells
(in that order)

My FIRST question is:
How can I have more dps with 1 wand + shield than with 2 wands?

My SECOND question is:
Why are my elemental and physical damage reductions always at 25% no matter what?
Do my elemental and physical armors add up to that value and If so why I cant see total damage reduction?
25% values stay the same even if I lower lets say poison armor.

My LAST question (hopefully):
Why I dont drop anymore Waypoint Scrolls?
I know some mods removed Waypoint Scrolls, but I havent seen in any mods Im using right now (stated above) that some of the mods removes them.

Its bugging me because when I have full inventory and I dont wanna send my pet into town I have to use 1 of the scrolls
from Selrock and then run all-the-long-way back.

Thank you for any insight you could give me!
General Discussion / About the "Tier0 Derinkuyu Raid Dungeon"
« Last post by justorangejuice0411 on April 06, 2017, 11:49:23 AM »
Anyone encounter problems like me. When I get to the Derinkuyu dungeon, kills a gate keeper and get in the deeper gate and got out, the dungeon rerolls. Died, return and the dungeon also rerolls. I mean, whenever I get out and get in again, the dungeon just rerolls itself. Is this intended or it's just 'cause I brought my dual-wield Outlander from the original to the mod. The issue never happen with the Tier0,5 Or'Ak Basin, get in and get out, everything still OK, but Derinkuyu....
P/s: I have patch 1311 and old Outlander from the original Torchlight game (100 already).

And 1 more thing, the guys who gave u the quest "kill 50 war beast, 30 deathfinger and 30...." will give u that quest twice if u get back, is that normal 'cause while leveling u already kill all the beasts, there r no more for the 2nd time. And by "Blightland" do u mean the Blightbogs in ACT III, a guy gave me the quest to kill a witch champion in the Blightland. Never got one :|

And tks in advance if someone could help me out :D

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