Author Topic: Armor names, for trading reference  (Read 3820 times)


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Armor names, for trading reference
« on: March 19, 2013, 02:36:55 AM »
Survival: The Adamant's Set added
Tier0 Adamant weapons: Adamant 1h Sword and shield, Adamant 1h Mace

DualWield: The Faceless Set added
Tier0 Faceless weapons:  Kunai, backwards Wakizashi

TwoHanded: The Juggernaut Set added
Tier0 Juggernaut weapons:  Jabberwocky's Vorpal Sword, Toolset Polearm

Ice/Poison: The Frozen North Set added
Tier0 Forzen North weapons:  Frostbite 2handed staff, new ice Mace and Shield

Fire/Electric: The Burning Blood set added
Tier0 Burning Blood weapons: new fire Wand and shield,  Cannon

PET: The Eternal Eye added
Tier0 Eternal Eye weapons: 2h Staff, new mace and shield

RANGED:  The WitchHunter set added
Tier- Witchhunter weapons: 6 shooter Pistol, Bat Bow
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