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Re: The WolfMan
« Reply #30 on: August 29, 2013, 01:35:45 AM »
Definitely keep up this mod!! I want to see the Werewolf in action!! :D!


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Re: The WolfMan
« Reply #31 on: September 19, 2013, 12:31:13 AM »
Would it be possible to assign a skill with the unarmed animation that consumes no resources as the default attack for the class to give the auto attack more damage or possibly a sort of aura effect that enhances base damage in a similar way that the passives for other classes gives to weapons so that the class doesn't require a weapon and damage scales over time with status combined with a passive or skill attack macro for the left mouse button to make unarmed viable without breaking balance and not forcing reliance on the use of other low resource skills? The unarmed does really suit the class so it would be a good option. I know the game has a lot of limitations on making stats themselves scale but with a passive skill if you could have it boost the effectiveness of strength with unarmed attacks and possibly restrict them from using weapons to stick to the thought of unarmed and skills being the focus with it i think it would be cool but i don't know enough about modding tl2 to know if it would work that way. Animations for unarmed would be a bit easier to work on too i think since you don't have to account for various weapon meshes in them. This class looks like it would be really good so i want to see what you do with it.

The reason I was concerned about the class having access to the same weapons as the vanilla classes though is that there are a couple chain skills and with them being low resource if they have short cooldowns it could easily become overpowered in end game content being based off the berserker since it would have access to the same tiered armor which is designed for the berserkers playstyle and they tend to struggle to chain skills like that due to resource management if you go for any survivability at all with them, or at least they did last i played one and i don't think any changes to them have been made in synergies. I don't want to just assume balance would be an issue since you did pretty darn well balancing out the tenebris by the time it reached end game even though it started out over powered and not to be presumptuous again but it seems like you've had experience making classes before this, maybe in other games. But i still think it would be interesting to see a modified primary attack and melee focus since all other 'monk' styled classes focusing on melee benefit from knuckle weapons which doesn't fit the traditional style of the concept. They generally are set up to deal better without being restricted in motion by heavy clothing or armor and bare knuckles since weapons are sort of a moral issue that real world monks have generally avoided throughout history and that has always impacted fictional characters as well. I know the class isn't intended as a monk but druids have always been similar restricting themselves in most stories and games to things found in nature and their own gifts since they are primal in nature and opposed to anything unnatural and the character being a werewolf would be kind of logical they are similar which it is. I know you are restricted by the engine though and torchlight has never really followed the cliche set by other games. It's just my personal taste but I know this project is about your taste and not my own, was just wondering more if my concept would even be plausible than anything in the torchlight engine since i am kind of interested in possibly getting into modding my self. I already have some concepts to add a themed dungeon and release an atmospheric fog mod to go with it but it's still just a concept. I also have considered working on classes since i come up with a lot of ideas i want to explore with them but i want to see what you can do with this class.
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Re: The WolfMan
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  Wow, its coming along great! I have the steam version, so I cant do any testing, but watching your videos makes me wanna play it! Keep up the awesome ideas! This class looks so fun!