Author Topic: How do you play embermage in Synergies?  (Read 3595 times)


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How do you play embermage in Synergies?
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:09:21 PM »
Compared to my engineer, outlander, and beserker my Embermage is so much harder to play!  Even in leveling content, it struggles so much :(

Could anyone give me an idea which skills to use? 


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Re: How do you play embermage in Synergies?
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2013, 05:37:43 AM »
I recommend when leveling other characters to keep a look out for drops or buy from table mountain vendors +% damage armor and keep a set for each element. I am currently using a 380% lightning damage set with the shocking orb spells. They are slow to set up, but max charge incredibly quick. With teleport I can move around the room and get full coverage. That plus throw in a couple shocking bolts + wand chaos for lots of visual fun. When you get high enough you can get hailstorm to debuff for lightning damage.

I've actually found the outlander the hardest to raise out of all the characters since it doesn't have a large %weapon damage skill that is elemental based besides poison rain, but that has a cooldown. 
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Re: How do you play embermage in Synergies?
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2013, 01:03:35 PM »
Hi laian,

My main char is a lv 100 embermage and I use her for farming a lot. Great against large groups of mobs and boss battles.
My build is a balance between survivability (lots of hp) and raw magic power (lots of focus and damage-enhancing equips and skills).
I made a short vid to show playstyle (teleport+nuke everything):

My advise on skills:

- frost phase ! -> 1 point will do, you only need it to teleport around the battlefield quickly. Most imortant survival skill, get asap.
- prismatic bolt -> your main attack skill. Seeks out enemies on its own, no need to aim. Bind to right mouse button.
- blazing pillar -> 7 (!) pillars when maxed. Your main charge generator. Like the prismatic bolts; seeks out enemies on itself.
- ice prison -> 1 point, extremely usefull to block small passages and to hold bosses/champions in place while you nuke them.
- ice/ lightening/ fire-brand -> maxed for extreme damage.
- firestorm -> 1 point to weaken mobs against fire while your pillars turn them into ashes. (optional)
- Astral ally -> maxed. A very useful companion to add some dps and keep mobs busy.
- elemental boon -> optional. I have it maxed (lots of extra dps), but I use the extended buff duration mod, cause i hate recasting every 30 seconds.
- charge mastery -> depends on your mana regen. If you find yourself running out of mana much, put more points here. Full charge-bar = free casting !

My advise on weapons:

Get 2handed staff with high magic damage. Ignore staffs with physical damage.

My advise on stats:

Main stats for this build are focus and vitality. Don't overdo the vitality, as you can increase your hp more effectively at endgame with skulls (Riechlu +1540 hp)
Focus is your main stat for damage, so put most points there.


With Prismatic bolts on right mouse button and enough +manaregen gear/skulls you can fire nonstop without ever running out of mana. Same goes for teleporting around. I never even watch my mana. All you focus on is the location of the mobs, while you teleport around while firing bolts nonstop. When in a good position, release blazing pillars to clear out groups. This build is the lazy man's best friend. All the main skills are selfguided and there is no need to aim at a specific enemy to hit them.
Teleport around while unleashing hell -> enemies die horribly -> collect phat lewt... Rinse and repeat.  ;)

all the best,



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Re: How do you play embermage in Synergies?
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2013, 04:46:13 PM »
As with any character you should gem for the damage reduction cap which is 75%, you wont need a lot of hp if you reach the damage reduction cap. I kill everything really fast with only 8.5k hp in Veteran and Elite difficulty.
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