Author Topic: I heard Attribute Enchanter is nerfed on Synergies, so I have a question.  (Read 2113 times)


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I also have a mod that adds a Attribute Enchanter to the city and his enchants are really weak, so I just need the confirmation.

If so, is it possible to wear the 105 gear without messing up with the stats build? I have a Str focused Berserker (like everyone else) and I don't see how I will get the min Dex for the 105 Draketalon set without huge attribute boosts from the enchanter.



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The reason I did that was so that the game itself would have longevity.   

In v1.5x the enchants were vanilla, and the items were huge on enchants to step above the BIS single pieces.  what ended up happening was the gap between sets became to much and everyone started hitting the caps.   Looking back I could have changed the graphs to spread out the stat points and their bonus's for the same effect, but the fall out would have likely been worse.  Changing the enchants and doing a smaller stat tweak is likely a smarter move in the long run and where I went with it.  The stats are very useful even with small gains, but taper at the top.   And now I can make 2 to 3 more tiers before you will ever hit the caps the same.

Makes the game MUCH MUCH longer in potential.
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If I build a Str focused Berserker (4 pts Str and 1 Dex till level 100, which is a viable build) I'll get 115 Dexterity, it requires 285 Dex to wear the 105 set making it impossible to wear without a complete overhaul of the Str based Berserker build. If I ever plan to wear the full 105 set I'll need 170 Dexterity from enchants and gems from the 2 rings and the amulet, and since the enchantements are really low I don't think it will ever be possible.

EDIT: I just realized that Skull of Karandir gives 37 Dex, so it is possible by socketing 5 of them into the items I mentioned.
I guess the nerf on enchanters was the right thing to do at all, I forgot that the bonus on the gem was so huge...
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