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Figuring out the Warlock
« on: May 17, 2013, 05:28:39 PM »
So with the vanilla classes, it's pretty easy to see their intended roles, and what each of the 3 trees do.
Example on the engineer and embermage:

Embermage is a glass canon caster.
Fire - fire damage, dots
Ice - cold damage, movement debuffs
Storm - electric damage and random stuff.

Engineer is a tough brute.
Blitz - 2-handed smash stuff
Construction - cannons and support via summons
Aegis - sword and board tank

Now I attempt to do this to the Warlock, to try and find out exactly what it's intended to be. And maybe add some suggestions 'cause I feel like it.

The warlock is a caster that uses unorthodox or dangerous magic to blast enemies and summon powerful allies.

Hellfire - Kill it with fire. HELLFIRE. (You should be singing Frollo's song now.) Deals solid damage and summons strong offensive pets.
Suggestions: add in a little poison damage for hellish brimstone and sulfur.

Manaburned - Uses the power of raw magical energy to dangerous effect, summons are more supportive in nature. Has spells that harm attackers and good AoE crowd control.
Suggestion: is there a way to punish monsters for casting spells? I think lightning / fire is a good theme for manaburned.

Nethervoid - not sure what's going on here. Lovecraftian magic, I suppose?

Also, is the Warlock intended to be a glass cannon? I usually imagine the Warlock to be one of the tougher casters, though with the habit of using self-damaging magic (or magic that harms allies). Where should the Synergies Warlock be on that scale?


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Re: Figuring out the Warlock
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2013, 10:13:30 AM »
The warlock can be pretty durable. I played mine very much like a melee build, except with wands, and I believe it could work well with a switch to claws, possibly better. I primarily relied on weapon attacks, using Phase to get into the thick of battle, Netherling to debuff/buff, Life Drain to regen faster than I was taking damage, and Burning beard for support. Nethershield/Manaburned is good for punishing ranged attackers, but Manashield becomes more necessary in the late game.  This playstyle generates charge rapidly enough to make mana costs moot, so you could concentrate stats on str rather than foc and still use spells often.