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Synergies MUMBLE server!
« on: January 09, 2013, 03:53:18 PM »
Server Information:
    Port: 64740
    Password: torchlight

To install mumble, visit the official mumble website and download the appropriate version for your computer.
If there are any issues with Anti-Virus, such as AVG (been reported), just do what you feel is right. We guarantee there is nothing funky going on
with it though.

When you first run the mumble client, it will take you through an audio wizard to help you set up your mumble how you like it. It really helps to do this, and everyone will thank you for it.

Make sure you have the server and port right, and fill out what it wants, and BAM! You're connecting to the SynergiesMOD official mumble.

Once you're connected, it will harass you about certificates being unknown or invalid. This is the security of mumble kicking in. It is a key, assigned to your computer, so mumble knows who you are. You are REQUIRED to accept this to connect. It will only ask once, so when you've clicked yes you'll never see it again.

Should you have any trouble, feel free to send a private message to our IT Guy.
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