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Focus 3a: arc beam
« on: October 31, 2013, 11:56:46 AM »
Arc Beam immediately comes to mind. Needs to build charge and/or needs to be longer range.

At lv 15 the range is OK for me. But at beginning levels, it is too short.
Charge is OK, but maybe need a penalty like 50% or even less.

Arc Beam is a strange skill, that if you have a non-wand weapon in the main hand and a wand in the off hand, the actual DPS is combined from both 2 weapons.
The base frequency is 5 times per second and can be affected by cast speed directly. ( I test this by observing the max armor reduced from the dummy, using a weapon with - XXX all armor per hit)

Huh. Weird.

I think we should re-adjust the range - level 15 range is fine, so we reduce the scaling and bring it up more in the early levels.
Tips: Currently the range of arc beam is starting at 8 and growing 0.5 per level.

Channeling skills are generally bad for range builds that need to kite. Maybe let it proc life on hit?
life regen? Or HP steal? If HP steal, I hope it would only proc on death (secondary weapon damage part) or it would be OP due to the high attack frequency.

Ya dont really fit the theme. :P I think it just need something to help the build tank or help keep mobs away while channeling. Would chance to immobilize be too OP?

I'm not sure a chance to Immobilise would fit either.

I always thought Arc Beam should have a stacking armour debuff of some kind, like it's a laser cutter.

Maybe we can give it a chance to shatter enemy shields then? :P

ONE thing I've had problems with my embermage on elite, is the TON of shield-bearing mobs in Act 1. The only reliable shield-breaking skill that you can get early for the class is Magma level 15 for tier 1 iirc, for a 25% chance...

Maybe Arc Beam would actually be legit in /at least/ an early build if it did something useful. Just a random thought.

Arc beam is very hard for an early build, because:
1. long cast warm-up and stop-attack animation: minimum cast animation: 1200ms
2. too low damage rate: lv 1 DPS =10% *5 < auto attack
3. too short range for beginning levels
4. cannot build charge

Add shatter-shield or armor-degrading can only help one or two respects above.
5. Cannot proc anything except elemental effects, knockback and - armor per hit.
I have an arc beam mage myself.
I use shocking orbs to build the charge.
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