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V1 to 10
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:13:01 AM »

Synergies Pre-Guts V10 Released October 27th
[spoiler]-Changed the 4 enchanters into the 6 enchanters in the enclave city. All enchanters in the city (the 6 added ones) are VERY expensive. 14k ish for first enchant, this is for balance purposes.  you can find the enchanters in the world for cheap, or have them at your finger tips for a lot of money.  We are finding that we make a LOT more money in this mod now, and a good gold sink is needed.  so here we go!  (
 -adding Miles the undead fishmonger as a synergies staple (
 -All znojmo maps will be included in synergies v10,  maps: 48,55,65,76,85,95 and will create a new 105 (not yet) map as well.
- Znojmo champions just got harder, min spawn per champion still 1, max now 3 instead of 2.  Added in a few missing champions (crab, lots of sturms, rock troll, gargoyle)
-Lowered the time till refresh for all zones and floors of dungeons, 2.5 minutes of not being in the zone SHOULD have a dungeon respawn on you, and 10 mins or so on a level (hopefully that means outside zone), also made it so the game should only "remember" 3 levels of a dungeon, going out and starting over from the top in a 6floor dungeon, means starting from the top...
-Changed the color of  Magical   Rare    Unique    Legendary    Setpieces    Quests     (Socketables, Scrolls, Maps, Spells)  So that they are more distinquishable in the game, I was having a hard time noticing the difference between legendaries/rares and set pieces in most instances.
-Boon will have a full inventory, where previous he had skimpy pickings!
-Changed Identify and Townportal scrolls to be able to stack, back to normal scorlls, with different colored names :) (sell your old scrolls if you need to)
-slightly raised socketable drop chance in a few base files, value 5 to value 15 compared to the 300 to 2000 of other things in the list, it shouldn't be completely noticable, will trim if needed
-Working my repulsion hex rework into Synergies: (
-Starting spawn has a vendor that sells starting gear, from this mod here ([/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V09 Released October 23rd
[spoiler]-Added 1 range to 2handed range weapons. (for some reason wasn't able to find the arcs for these when looking)
-altering the SKILL progression rate, to make it take longer to get the final tiers, and or finalize them.
Tier 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19
Tier 2: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27
Tier 3: 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 32, 34, 37
Tier 4: 4, 6, 10, 13, 17, 21, 24, 28, 32, 35, 38, 42, 45, 49, 52
Tier 5: 5, 8, 13, 18, 22, 26, 30, 35, 40, 45, 49, 54, 59, 63, 67
Tier 6: 6, 9, 15, 20, 25, 31, 37, 42, 47, 52, 58, 64, 69, 74, 79
Tier 7: 7, 11, 16, 21, 27, 34, 41, 46, 51, 56, 62, 68, 75, 82, 88
-changed the on-ground color of Spell scrolls, Potions, Scrolls and Socketables to differentiate from normal white loot. as per this technique:
-Altering the UI to add GOLD TOTAL, HP TOTAL, MP TOTAL in easy to read numbers on the screen as per this thread:, inlcudes current fame bar!
-Fixed the View range increase, for some reason, I had it way back in a early release, but its not there, or wasn't noticable.  Figured it out from others posts and fixed it up some.
-added/ edited more Dual wielding bonuses from different sources:  Gems/enchants/items.
-added in the 5 enchanters to the first town, from thread here:
-adding all my custom maps into the actual synergies mod pak, 66-75 / 76-85 / 86-95  all found on general vendor
-Condensed Synergies back into ONE pak file for this release
[size=200]ERASE YOUR OLD SYNERGIE PAK FILES, as there is only 1 file now.[/size][/spoiler]

Synergies MAP PACK v1.0 Released October 24rd
[spoiler]Znojmo Vaults: Level 48 to 55 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, 1 boss room at the end.  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsB map
Znojmo Rifts: Level 56 to 65 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, Manavault level at end,  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsA56 map
Znojmo Catacombs: Level 66 to 75 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, 1 boss room at the end.  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsA66 map
Znojmo Grotto: Level 76 to 85 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, 1 boss room at the end.  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsA76 map
Znojmo Crypts: Level 86 to 95 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, 1 boss room at the end.  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsA86 map
Znojmo Mausoleum: Level 96 to 105 dungeon, 2-10 champions per level, 2 in the boss room.. 5 levels of dungeon, 1 boss room at the end.  2 enchanters per level high probability.  Based on catacombsA96 map
Znojmo map pack v10 can be downloaded here:[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V08 Released October 20th
[spoiler]-Lowered 1 handed weapon damage by 15% as base dmg
-Changed 1hander rarity damage mod to be the same as 2hander rarity damage mod (115/115/125) (g/b/u)
-Increased shield Armor by 30%
-Increased shield block by 3%
-increased shield knockback resistence by 20%
-Altered shield rarity modifiier to be on par with weapons
-2handers strikerange increased by .15
-2handers 120 weapon arc changed to 135
-2handers secondary dmg changed from 50% to 65%
-Changed all dungeon min_monster spawns to .015 from .03.
-Changed all spawnclasses in a secondary file.
SPAWNCLASS LOW now has all the small monsters on a smaller scale, but all the champions and groups in a 1min and 2max grouping.
SPAWNCLASS HIGH has all the small monsters on a more swarming scale, original synergies change.
[size=85]I am going to include the LOW file in the game zip for 08 test, but make the HIGH file available in original message as a seperate download. This is for testing purposes. LOW you still get swarms, but not from one start of the map to the next, there will be spots where normal spawn rates take effect, just rarely.[/size]
Adding Znojmo 65-76 map into the original ZIP of synergies, changes to this map include:
-min / max spawn count in the dungeon as per Synergies changes.
-MANY different champions (almost every champion in the game) has a chance to show up in this dungeon.
-Altering the PAK file dates to be usable for the next month without update.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V07 Released Oct 18th
[spoiler]Split the mod into three files, all contained in the ZIP file.
Synergies --- All of the base Changes to the game, balance edits mostly, and additions.
Synergies Skills --- any alteration to the vanilla skill system, right now, a faster unlock system for lower level play, still being balanced.
Synergies SpawnClasses --- The larger mob spawn lists. This allows people to use other spawn alteration mods with the mod if they wish, or use synergies if they like the difficulty it has.
07 includes more mods in its compilation.
-- many new hair scheme's, Sluggingtons Unleash the rainbow (
-- Fame bar beside the Xp bar, Sluggingtons show me the fame (
-- Did another Dungeons pass, Altered how many Champions per floor of map 3min/ 8 max now, 2 per boss room.  And The population of monsters from .01min to .03 min for all zones/dungeons.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V06 Released Oct 17th
(( Was released in a forum post easter egg, not noted here ))
[spoiler]-added a respec potion to map room vendor, as per Galadedrid's post / file here (
-Made Skeleton archers moveable as per option 1 of Omnipotences pack here (
-Changed Rumble to have a 75% chance to break shields and a 3% chance to stun as well as break pots... as per Omnifas's post here ([/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V05 Released Oct 16th
[spoiler]-Gem level requirements reduced to level 1 for socketting, as per this thread (
-Adding blue/green staffs to 2hander weapon increase
- Changed requirement level to all skill unlocks, all skills unlock at 1 pnt per level once unlocked until maxed. (ie 1st skill has 1 pnt unlocked at level 1, 2 pnts unlocked at level 2, 3 pnts unlocked at level 3... 5th skill has 1 unlocked at level 5, 2 unlocked at level 6, 3 unlocked at level 7... 12th skill has 1 skill unlocked at level 12, 2 unlocked at 13, 3 unlocked at level 14.. etc)
===  First skill on the tree unlocks at level 1, second at level 2, third at level 3, fourth at level 4, fifth at level 5, etc etc.
- Added the chance for all champion spawns to spawn 1 or 2 champions for each call in of the champion.
- Added chance for bosses to spawn a second boss.
-changing ALL dungeon values. 
== Champions per dungeon is usually something like 2 min, 2 max.  Changing this to 2 min, 8 max.
== Champions have a chance to spawn in the boss room, 0 to 2.
== Should see almost no Empty spaces on most maps.  Highly scripted areas might be more gappy.
== Creeps have almost been completely removed from dungeons, only left them in 20ish mapwork maps due to tiredness.[/spoiler]

Synergies - Pre-guts V04 Released October 15th
[spoiler]-all Green/Blue 2 hander weapons (excluding staffs atm) increased in weaponDPS by 40%
-Doubled the value of all loot when being sold to merchants, 2x the return.
-Changed the Magic Find base values:
     Lowered 'non magical' loots weight from 9000 to 5000
     raised Magical, 90 to 180
     raised Random Magical, 100 to 200
     raised Uniques weights 7 to 70)

-manually Edited the Spawn tables to increase all [size=150]MAX[/size] spawns of all monsters.  Any monster which previously spawned 2 or more, Added 2 to the number, unless it was over 12, which added 4.  Any monster / OR GROUP / that spawned 1, I added 1.[/spoiler]

Synergies - Pre-guts V03 Released October 12th
[spoiler]No monster or pet crits.
increased monster health by additional 25%
Increased monster damage by 15%[/spoiler]

Synergies - Pre-guts V02 Release October 12th
[spoiler]Better Green / Blue attributes on magic items.  (more useful blues, and somewhat useful greens, randoms can compete with non-random uniques finally, thread with idea from here gives kalamari157 credit.)
Transmute 2 identical gems to higher level gem, includes normal, rare and unique gems except eyes. (as per krissgjengs thread here
Transmute mana/health into rejuv potions, as well as rejuv to next higher level.  ( as per Krissgjengs thread here
 stat changes for all basic stats and their related effects (Wolpaks V2 1.13[/spoiler]

Synergies - Pre-guts  v01 Released October 11th
[spoiler]Increased gold by 2x
Doubled normal monsters MAX spawn, left minimum Spawn in tact. (non-champion/non Brute/Non-boss monster) using the light version posted further down the thread by nokturnal (
Double all Monsters Health pools (300 hit point base is now 600, you will notice this most in boss fights)  thank you to sarkilass for his tool (
Infinite range for multiple players Loot, XP and Damage reduction sharing, I didn't use their mod, I used it as a basis for the idea/fix.  (so long as you are on same map, you will share xp/loot/damage reduction, idea was from here
Fame to level 50 (can't find the thread where this was from, doh)
Faster level respawns, dungeon respawns.
view monster range increased
Testing out higher % chance of socketeer spawning <i haven't found him yet.. lol>[/spoiler]

this is going to be one fun run![/quote]
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