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V11 to 1.20
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Synergies V1.20 Released November 13th
[spoiler]-Unique weapons raritydmgmod was increased slightly above its original values, unique weapons won't stack their affixes like Blues, but they will do superior base DPS.  <TEST for this version>
-Unique armor got a 40% increase on rarity armor value  Blues/Greens will stack their affixes but uniques will have more base Armor.
-Devilspawn got a bit of a buff.  They will now cause a non stacking bleed with attack1, and a stacking 2 second armor debuff with attack2.  don't let em swarm you !!!
-added a new gem chance spawnclass to the Elite monsters treasure list, will drop all types of gems now, instead of only chaos gems.. (ever wonder why you had so many?!)
-added a new gem chance to the Worldboss treasure list, with a garaunteed roll on it, what ya get is rather random thou!
-Corrected a bunch of Elite monsters with the name ELite.
-DARKNESSFALLS leveling is now classed as Darknessfalls (EASY)
-- All boss mobs lowered 1500 hitpoints, 15 armor points, 10 to 20 dmg (min/max), resisted dropped 10 pnts  rest stays the same
-- Bosses will only roll once on the loot table
-DARKNESSFALLS 105 / outside world bosses stay the same as current balance (NORMAL)
-DARKNESSFALLS 150 EXTREME is now classed as darkness falls (HARD)
-- All boss mobs raised minimum damage by 10 to 15 dmg.  Armor raised 10 to 15 pnts.  Hitpoints increased by 500-700 base.
-- Darknessfalls EXTREME no longer allows portals in the dungeon, sadly it means its a solo dungeon now
- -Darknessfalls EXTREME bosses have a much more robust loot table and roll twice.
-Darknessfalls EXTREME Worldbosses now have a even higher chance to drop legenadary loot
-Synergies is not meant to be played on Casual level of game play, as such casual level of gameplay has had its casual numbers equalized with Normal
-Synergies is encouraging people not to spawn inside of dungeons as a test this run.  The cost of spawning inside a dungeon has increased from 10% to 15%,
- place a waypoint more often...[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.19 Released November 10th The DEVILDETAILS
[spoiler]-Lowered Zombies, Ratlin and Warbeast health by half, upped their damage by 10 and raised their xp per kill by double.  should be more balanced for new characters
-Introducing Zicarax the Destroyer, a Devil world boss...He spawns with minions of devilspawn!.
-Tweaked the fallen God.. He'll hit harder now, and his minions are a little more nasty being Elites now!
-created my own waypoint scrolls to coincide with Keltors one that takes you to act1 city.  All travel scrolls are in the general vendor, and you can teleport to all 5 cities (act1,2,3,4 and mapworks) with them from anywhere.
-including in the expanded shared stash mod (can't find the link atm, its late, i believe by outlaw)
-Made another version of darkness falls.  The very bottom map in the general vendor, this one will scale with your level, great for people wanting to farm a tuffer fight .. the bosses in this version will give good gear, next version the scaling dungeon will give remarkably less loot... enjoy for now, to late to recreate the bosses atm.
-Fixed EXTREME DARKNESS FALLS to be 150th level.  This dungeon in future will also have a different loot table, with a lot higher chance to spawn legendaries.  but again, i have to recreat all the boss GUIDs to do this.  not tonight.
--- BE WARNED, if you leave darkness falls dungeon, it does NOT remember it.. You MUST spawn inside the dungeon if you want to continue the fight when you die![/spoiler]

Synergies V1.18a Released November 9th The BEAST has come to play, new worldboss 1 monster dungeon!
[spoiler]-Adjusted Fairyqueen and Fallengod world bosses slightly.
-Fairyqueen was missing entries in distance to spot, follow, and react to damage. She will now be more aggressive within 25 meters range.
-Fairyqueens fire spell ranked up a bit more, she is a world boss after all.. learn to dodge, or be melted!
-Fallengod is now 2.5 scale, with a 3 bonus-reach. He is easier to bug out if he doesn't position himself correctly but in most cases he knocks you around and moves around and corrects himself quick enough that its not an over all issue. This monster hits HARD, you will likely have to be well geared to truly beat him down.
-The BEAST added to game!
-- The Beast is a Werewolf like no other... He spawns with his trusty side kicks Jekyll and Hyde whom gives him a speed buff even thou they are just ordinary Elite werewolfs. The Beast will also call other werewolfs to help, and sometimes those are also Elites. He also has a very very nasty Howl shout, that for some reason isn't imprinting its visual debuff on the players. Bewarned he reduces block and damage reduction.. Jekyll wants a return to normality.. Hyde... He wants to eat your face!
***Made a new dungeon for the world bosses to be 'farmed' in. People love farming, and they love a challange. So I give you Darkness falls. If you stay NEAR the entrance (not all the way to the pit) the only monster you will have to fight in this dungeon will be one of the world bosses which is randomly chosen at zone in from mapworks. Darknessfalls comes in two catagories. 105, and 150 extreme! Think you have what it takes to take on the big boys?
-adjust battlefields monster spawns and amounts upped the amount of monsters per meter that will spawn in this dungeon, it is likely to become less empty.
-adding 10 more elite monsters, mostly act 3 and 4 monsters this time.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.17 Released November 8th The FairyQueen Worldboss wants her golden key back!
[spoiler]Synergies is no longer considered Pre-GUTS.  I am adding NEW GUIDs constantly to the game, and so I am changing the versions to add another number to track my personal benchmarks. v1.xx

-Znojmo battlefields has been renamed as "The Battlefields" and is a lvl 105 map.
-adding in inventory mod, 10 player pages, 10 pet pages, 20 stash pages.  from this thread
-added Kelintor's gold changing mod. (buy the scrolls, transmute them, trade them to your other characters, sell them)
-FairyQueen world boss is in.  Be prepared to have your face melted.  She shares the same spawn as The Fallen God, including being the boss of Znojmo 105!
-All world bosses with have equal opportunity of spawning in each phasebeast spawn, even thou only 1 will spawn at any 1 site.
-Worldbosses have 1 in 500 chance to drop a legendary, lowered from 1 in 2500+ chance
-expanded the names for the fame ranks, I wasn't being creative, I only added one myself, but made most higher fame ranks names last 2 ranks.  Previously the 33 - 50 wasn't named. 
-fixed the elite loot table, its odds of dropping anything were way to low.
-9 more elite monsters being added to the pak (amadax, muddy and non muddy automatons (act 3 and act 4), cultist assassin, bandit assassin, bandit ranged, brown recluse, black widow(both spiders were previously traps and not native to the overworld game), and the bone golem) 
-add tartarus to synergies. (now has its own GUIDs)  used a version PAULTM supplied that doesn't change themes in an attempt to not have MP games crash while in the dungeon.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V16 Released November 6th NEW OUTDOOR DUNGEON MAP
[spoiler]-the CRIT chance of monsters is now -100 instead of 0.
-tweaked The Fallen God, he now has more health, spawns with the wood_wraith_large support team, and has added the wood_wraith_large's skills to his repritior.  He shrunk in size until I can figure out his swings missing.
-Respec potions now stack 20 times and are infinite in the vendor.
-moved all elite monsters into different files with new GUIDs, no longer replacing other monsters in game.
-moved znojmo maps to their own files and GUIDs, no longer using catacombs map files!
-created a OUTDOORS znojmo 105+ map.  <Fallen God has 100% chance to show up here as zone boss>
--- 105 map is the outdoors battlefield zone.  Zoning out of the zone makes you not able to get back inside the zone, the game will NOT remember this zone, on purpose.  you must spawn in zone if you die.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V15 Released November 5th WorldBoss added
[spoiler]-Lowered the amount of Uniques and Blue items that drop, will have to work for your loot a bit more.
-Undid the 10% health buff that was included when spawncalls were lowered, more balanced again.
-created a WORLD boss monster.  A very rare spawning over world boss.
-lower champion amounts to 5 max instead of 8 max per dungeon, and manually lowered some of the smaller dungeons, also made all boss rooms 0 minimum instead of 2 minimum. Too many with the addition of Elites.
-tweak Elites health pool slightly. lowered most ELITES more then a thousand health points.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V14 Released November 4th  
[spoiler]-undid the raritydamagemodifier change from v12 or whichever, 115 and 125 for green/blue and uniques again.
ELITE min is now set to 0 per call in
ELITE max is now set to 1 per call in
ELITE call in weights are all set to 5, more reliable called on then 1.
-Any call in where the original monster list was set to 0, (all included) have been altered to numbers so that it works more correctly, don't want elite to be 100%!
-change elite loot table to spawncallin ELITE_LOOT a uniquely made list, rather them champion_loot.
-lowering xp per monster throughout game[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V13 Released November 2nd  
[spoiler]-fixed creep bug
-added 6 more elite monsters!
-removed the UI changes from the mod, you can use your own as needed[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V12 Released November 1st     ELITE MONSTERS IMPLIMENTED
[spoiler]-Reduced all spawncalls and all dungeon populations to a lot closer to vanilla levels, only brutes/champions/elites spawns changed (1 max to 2 max)
-offering a second ALTERNATIVE higher population pak file, will allow spawngroups to double spawn, and increases populations from .008 to .012 min and .012 to .02 max
-injected elite monsters into full game. Anywhere the monster could spawn previously, it now has a chance to spawn as elite as well.
-Increased armor% of all monsters by 10%
-Increased hitpoints of all monsters by 10% to make up for less monsters.
-lowered chance to get magical effixes on blue items by 2
-increased chance to get magical affixes on green items by 1
-lowered the raritydamagemod on all items from 115 or 125 to 100 and 115... weapons still maintain their same balance against each other, but will do slightly less damage over all.
-lowered the value of identify and Waypoint scrolls, instead of making them usable more then once.[/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V11-c Released October 31st     BUG FIXES
[spoiler]-reverts canon and shotgunne range change, so as to remove 'missing' bug while shooting at max range, need to find the layout file before applying this change!
-Changes the enchanters in town to not conflict with the quests in town.
-current elite monsters added in units, but not in spawnclass: All creeps, and repulsionhex, 1,2.  so if you want to console a spawn of them  ... Frog, Spider, Snake, Roach, Rat, Rat-temp, frog, scarab, repulsionsentry, repulsionsentry2, repulsionsentry3..
-Added in the better magic vendor mod, more scrolls, socketables, and set pieces after rescuing the guy from the hive stacks, found here <-- can't remember which version it was added in, but it was missing from the notes![/spoiler]

Synergies Pre-Guts V11 Released October 28th     <<MAJOR SPAWN UPDATE>>
[spoiler]Dungeon changes:
changed minpopulation from 2 to 1
Change maxpopulation from 3 to 2
reinstalled Original Torchlight 2 spawns
changed all maxspawn values that were 1, to 2.[/spoiler]
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