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1.30 to 1.35
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:17:39 AM »

Synergies V1.35 Released January 3rd  Major Necromancer Update
[spoiler]General Changes:
added files for 2 new legendary weapons, and a whole new suit of legendary armor, to be announced soon.

Necromancer Changes:
Summon spells no longer have the word SUMMON in their spell name, was too long.
Icons added: Bone wall, Bone needles, Bone spikes, Bone armor
spells with placeholder icons:  Death Dolls, Spore Horde, Phase, Skeleton Horde, death Pact, Summon Fury

[size=150]Skills tweaked:[/size]
Bone Cage
Added a stomping animation to its cast
changed its effects of poison overtime to affixes, making it display correctly.

Bone Needles
changed to poison damage
added 20% armor ignore to damage done

Bone Spikes
Decreased mana cost by 20%
Lowered cooldown

Skeleton Horde
rank 14 summon now works as intended
Increased the damage bonus for skill pnts invested from 2 to 3% per pnt.

Zombie Horde
Now has a scaling movement speed and attack damage buff per skill point invested, no more feeling like you are wasting 2 pnts between ranks.
Increased the damage bonus for skill pnts invested from 2 to 3% per pnt.

Skull Barrage
Increased mana cost by 20%

[size=150]Skills Added[/size]
Bone Wall
Investing skill pnts in bone wall reduces its cooldown
Tier bonus's for bone wall add another wall to its length
Each wall segment can summon a half-skeleton, each tier allows each wall segment to summon an EXTRA half-skeleton...

Death Dolls
Death Dolls IS a horde spell, but does not have the name horde in its name
death dolls is the opposite of Zombies/Skeletons.  They are fast moving low health monsters.
Death dolls start with a inate spider leap, and scale survivability with skill pnts.
Each Tier adds another death doll or 2 to the summon.

Spore Horde
Spores are a tier7 spell that are effected by a large scaling damage bonus.
Each tier adds another 2 spores to the cast.
Spores tend to hide after casting their spell, might save on a bit of processor speed, maybe.

Death Pact
death pact is a small radius (think pestilence) AOE pact.
each pnt increases its snare from base to 80%
each tier adds to the spell. 
at tier1 (5-9) the snare goes increases at a higher rate then 1-4
at tier2 the pact makes enemies recieve more damage (max 20%)
at tier3 the pact has a chance to immobilize (every tick that a enemy is within the pact it has a chance to immobilize for 2 seconds)

Pet Changes
Skeleton with clothing now has its own unique ICON
pet with placeholder Icon: Ghost pet.

thank you nursury0 for the icons.  The rest of this work is all mine.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.34 Released December 27th   Bone Cage, Skeleton Horde
[spoiler]Skeleton Horde skill introduced.
-starts with 1 skeleton, summons an extra skeleton per tier, 2 extra at 15, gains damage and attack speed with pnts.
-scales to +30% damage/attack speed.

Bone Armor Skill introduced.
-starts off at 1% armor bonus, scales to 10%
-tier1: gains damage absorb-bubble like the engineer.  Scales to +7k at 15pnts
-tier2: gains cast chaotic rift on being struck
-tier3: gains 10% damage absorb.

-Zombie Horde gained more Line of sight, they will be a bit more aggressive now.
-Fury and Shade spells now effect Skeleton Horde[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.33 Released December 26th   New Ghost pet, fixes
[spoiler]<<WARNING>> Due to graphical problems with the skeleton and Zombie pet I had to change the textures/meshes of these pets.  Due to this, anyone who selected skeleton pet #4 and zombie pets #2 or #6 will LIKELY have to remake their characters, unless you can find a way to change pets.  (rapid respec does not work atm)  If any of those are your pets your best bet is move your gear to the shared stash.  I am very sorry for this, and will work diligently to make sure it never happens again.  Sadly to keep up the polished work of Synergies, I have to fix the original issue.)

=Fixed Kelintors first 7 mercenaries to have the right icon on their summon scrolls

Model changes
-All 4 base classes should have the previous order of faces from vanilla.
==Anyone making faces since the face change will likely have a new face, sorry.

Necromancer Changes
-Skull Barrage now works on the left mouse
-Pestilence skill was moved to AFFIX'S... damage now displays correctly on tool tip!
--Pestilence changed from 100% soakscale to 50% soakscale.  (only 50% ignore armor)
-level 15 Fury is now casting the Heal spell instead of the netherim ground AOE.. oops

Pet Changes
Skeleton and Zombie pets both have new unique ICONS
--Skeleton with clothing has been seperated into its own pet.
--Zombie textures with the face issues have been removed.
<<<<WARNING, if you have either the 4th skeleton, or the 2nd or 6th Zombie, your character will cease to work.. I have tried just over writing the DDS files amongst other things, and it does not fix the issue, sorry I will do my best not to have this issue ever again in the future!>>>

New Pet
-Ghost Spirit added

Weapon Changes
-Most tier 1 weapons that use NEW models have new ICONS representing their models.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.32A Released December 22nd   New Necromancer Skill: Summon Fury.  Monsters now crit, Fixed Skeletion bags!
[spoiler]Fixed Skeleton Inventory bug
-he didn't have an inventory previously!

Some Monsters can Critical Attack Again!
-All Elite monsters can now critically hit (testing values) for 15% critical damage.
-All World bosses can now critically hit
==Easy: 5% at 25% dmg
==Normal: 10% at 25% dmg
==Hard: 15% at 30% dmg
==Extreme: 15% at 35% dmg
--ALL Synergie created Dragons Crit at 20% for 25% dmg

-Altered Kelintor's Mercenaries.
--Summoning Any Mercenary now desummons any other Mercenary you previously had summoned.

-Updated Soryuu's Handcrossbows to his 1.4 update.

Summon Shade changes
-- Shades level 10 ability has been improved graphically, and radiusly, and now ONLY targets necromancer specific non-master-minion summons
-- Shades level 10 ability now increases Attack speed by 15
-- Shades level 15 ability has been improved graphically, and radiusly, and now ONLY targets necromancer specific non-master-minion summons
-- Shades level 15 Ability now increases attack speed by 25
-- Shades level 15 ability now increases movement by 20
--Shade can now critical hit at 5% chance per hit.

NEW SPELL:  Summon Fury
<<Fury is a Melee master minion who lays down the beats with fast striking melee attacks>>
-- Fury Gains Flurry attack at level 5
-- Fury Gains HEAL MINIONS spell at level 5 (heals all NECRO minions for 10k health)
-- Furiy's Level 10 ability increases Damage by 25% for all NECROMANCER specific non-master-minion summons.
-- Furiy' Level 15 ability increases Damage by 50% for all NECROMANCER specific non-master-minion summons.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.32 Released December 21st   2 new PETS, 49 new Elite monsters, and much much more
[spoiler]Mapworks changes
-Salan has changed armor to the brimstone set, and weapons to the Brimstone 1hander swords!
-Celindari swapped her sword to her sword hand, and now equips a shield in the mapworks.
Class Changes
-Necromancer now has Icons for all CURRENT (D patch) skills
-Necromancer helmet is now purchasable at the start of the game, from the newbie gear vendor beside the destroyer. TAB 2.
-Necromancer Shoulders are now purchasable at the start of the game, from the newbie gear vendor beside the destroyer. TAB 2.
Skeleton has been added. 6 skins, 4 meshes.
Zombie has been added. 7 Skins, 4 meshes.
<< In order to change the meshes you must select a different pet, then go back to your pet... it is random on which mesh you will end up with, and im not sure if it changes throu gameplay or not>>
General Game Changes
=Added 49 MORE Elite monsters, a lot more in the last phases of the game, and randomly throughout from start to finish!
Additional Mod Changes
-Added Soryuu's Hand Crossbows to the mod, they are a work in progress and will continue to evolve.  found here
-Updated Kelintors 1.28 into synergies. Added all his mercenary files into my mercenary spawnlist for worldboss drops. Another 10 or so mercenaries![/spoiler]

Synergies V1.31D Released December 20th   2 New Necromancer skills, Tweaks, Fixes
[spoiler]Eclipse 1 handed sword now has ELECTRIC damage instead of PHYSICAL, making it a purely Elemental damage weapon
Zombie Horde is now respec-able.
FIXED all overworld dungeons to be the correct level no matter what NG you are in.

Added 2 New Necromancer skills
Pestilence skill invokes a 5 second AOE.
Starts out with a DOT that scales with level, AND focus.
at rank5 adds -15% attack speed for 5 seconds
at rank 10 adds -15% cast speed for 5 seconds
at rank 15 adds -25% movement speed for 5 seconds
the pestilence cloud lasts approximately 6 seconds during which the DOT stacks on itself, and the timers continually refresh.

Bone Cage
Bone cage lasts for 9 seconds
Players/Monsters can not walk through Bone Cage
Reflects damage of attackers damage by % per skill level invested
at rank 5 will shatter at 8 seconds, leaving a poison field behind which will cause a small DOT
at rank 10 spawns a poison field in the cage causing a high DOT
at rank 15 spawns Dark Sword Legendary GreatSword that pummels the enemy for 400% weapon damage[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.31C Released December 18th   Shade Master Minion
[spoiler]This release only contains the new Summon Shade skill for testing.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.31B Released December 16th   Zombie Horde  "Run, they want your brains!"
[spoiler]-Added Lyravega's GEM BOX mod to Synergies found here
-Added 1.4 Zoom mod by Happy Fun Times, found here

-Added ALL the Male faces to Synergies, I went through and edited the files myself, was tired of having less faces on the men!
-Fixed the Necromancers starting gear (chest/shoulders) to spawn with him correctly!
--Necromancers starting staff will now do damage.. !!!

-Aftermath shield graphic changed to the new graphic by MFS88
-Aftermath shield improved statwise (more hitpoints, more armor % increase)
-Eclipse shield improved statwise (more mana, more health/mana regen per monster)
-Both sheilds increased in Armor and Elemental Armor values.

--Skull Barrage
--All knockback has a 50% chance to proc per hit down from 100%
-Knockback at level 5 down to 15, from 50
-knockback at level 10 down to 10 from 50
-knockback at level 15 down to 5 from 50
-Snare at level 10 down to 15 from 40
-Snare at level 15 down to 15 from 40

Increased mercenary drop chances
-Mercenaries have 1 in 50 chance to drop from 150 bosses
-Mercenaries have 1 in 25 chance to drop from 200 bosses

-Renamed the Skill trees Death, Undeath, Bonedancer.

-Added Zombie Horde to the Necromancer Undeath Tree
-each 3 levels of skill raise the amount of zombies the skill summons.
--each new zombie has stronger stats then those previously summonable.
===THERE IS A BUG WITH ZOMBIE SKILL, the respec potion will NOT remove it from your character, this will be fixed.[/spoiler]

Quote from: Salan
Download Synergies UI here:
[size=85]^^^ The UI that was taken out of the PAK file in v13[/size]

[spoiler]-Color of scroll I WANNA GO HOME, corrected
-Player's extra bags now work again![/spoiler]

Synergies V1.31 Released December 13th   7 Mercenaries, Necromancer SkullBarrage skill
[spoiler]Altered a few of the new legendary weapons.
-Rifle DPS lowered
-Rifle AFFIXES doubled in some cases
-Bow DPS raised
-Bow Graphic changed to MFS88's Batbow
-Claws DPS slightly lowered

-Added Kelintors merchant mod v1.27
-- Kelintor's Champion crystal spawns now available on his merchant
-- Kelintor's Boss crystal spawns now available on his merchant
----Kelintor's mercenary scrolls now available as drops on all world bosses, Level 150+ (1 in 100) and 200+ (1 in 50).
will adjust drop rates as testing produces results.

-Necromancer Skill Skull Barrage fully in the game, has a holder skill ICON atm.  Video will be included with the release for maximum exposure.
- I have decided that as I progress the skills on the Necromancer I will update the 1.31 patch.  Few other changes will happen during this time.  This will allow feedback and testing.  I will try to get two more skills done for tomorrow so that if people want to test the class they can with a bit more robustness.  This was my first skill, and was a learning process in itself, everything gets faster with experience.

[size=150]My first Torchlight 2 Video showcasing 1.31 Necromancer skill:  SKULL BARRAGE.[/size]

Synergies V1.30B Released December 12th   6 more Legendary Weapons
[spoiler]- ALL 200/215 lvl bosses have had their health increased by 50%
- ALL boss minions (the ones that start the fight with them) have had their health increased by 50%
-Return KITE to a 30% dmg decrease from 15% and maybe up his HP a tiny bit if needed.
-Tarnitha has had her skills dropped from level 15 to 5 and 10 for various different ones.
-Recipe for swapping WAND to 2handed Greatsword.
-Change the wand/or/greatsword to correct recipe
-Brimstone armor has had its graphic changed
-took the outlander spawn out of the battlefield overworld map, it is now only a blue engineer spawn.
-Changed the battlefield dungeon to the Act3Pass1 map, smaller more linear map. Adjusted spawnrates appropriately.
-New Legendaries, 2 shields, 1 Rifle (shotgun that fires like a bow and is effected by shotgunne mastery and bow range+), 1 staff, 1 claw.
-New recipes for these new items.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.30A Released December 8th   Overworld alterations
[spoiler]-FIXED 215 Blue dragon transition
-Found a double entry on the engineers that lowered their damage out put to 50% of max.
-ALL Overworld bosses have had their damage reduction changed to 15%. This WILL hurt you more.
-Red engineer was given a second howl.
-Blue engineer was altered in behaviors a bit.
-215 loot now 66% chance to drop
-165 loot now 40% chance to drop
-Added a higher range of GEMs to the gem merchant in mapworks
-added garaunteed chances of Limoany gems 0 or 1 (50%ish), all reports are people simply cheat them in eitherway atm.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.30 Released December 7rd   10 new Legendary Weapons, TIER1!
[spoiler]-Changed ISASHIELD set bonus. Removed Attackspeed reduction completely, lowered cast speed reduction to 15% from 25%.
-Changed the graph for playerdamagingmonsters when multiple players joining a game, it now starts out slowly for the first 3 players playing together, and stops at 40% at 6 players.

-added 10 new legendary weapons to the game
-added 6 new crafting supplies
-added 2 new raid bosses to the game
-moved the 2 engineers out of DF into the overworld dungeons.
-created 4 new overworld dungeons, 1 for each of the current bosses.[/spoiler]
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