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1.36 to 1.37
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:18:00 AM »
Synergies V1.37 Released January 6th
[spoiler]-Remove the changes to NORMAL LOOT chances (both legendary and normal loot, i have a feeling it will effect the game TOO Much and can't truly leave it like this)
-removed all the 0 to -1 changes as well from 1.36A
-Reverted an old change... BASE LOOT now has a 7000 chance to drop instead of 5000 (halfway between vanilla and where it was) you will see a LOT less magic dropping, for those who want it, table mountain has things available at a slightly increased cost, and sell values are higher, and we have gold mine to play!

Bone Needle Changes:
-Bone needles now go from 30 DPS to 40 dps.

Toxic Hex changes:
tier0:Pulls enemies to it. can effect 3 targets, has a chance to stun
tier1:does damage to enemies when pulling them in
tier2:can pulls 5 targets now, can place 2 hexes, summons a corrosive poison pool around itself
tier3:can place 3 hexes, transfers mana to player

Soul Shatter Added
previously my old Repulsion hex change
Tier0: Knocks back enemies
Tier1: Fears enemies
Tier2: Blinds enemies
Tier3: Stuns Enemies

Bubonic Burst Added
currently a Port over of Wanderers Passive Poison Burst.. will change

Minion Master Added
currently a port over of wanderers Share the wealth.. will change

Elemental Attunement Added
currently a port over of wanderers Master of Elements.. will change

Infectious Touch added
Melee attack that adds poison effects, and blows up anyone who dies from it for more poison effects!

Scroll changes
I wanna go home scroll changed to: Take me to Table Mountain!![/spoiler]

Synergies V1.36A Released January 5th  Table Mountain fixes, More normal Legendaries
-removed the railmaster window "travel to zeryphs".
-Made both gem saver and socketable saver spawn with or without quest completion ( the original ones )
-made commander vale spawn with or without quest completion
-changed commander vale to salan
-changed the gem saver and gem destroyer by commander vale to Celindari and Aberdokki, now all three merchants are side by side again.

-made the original town enchanter spawn with or without quest completion
--moved the transmuter to where the original enchanter was,

-made regent spawn with or without quest completion
--changed regent to Drek The Death Dealer... this will be the synergies World boss kill quest giver.

-Made Celindari's original spawn now a perminent home to Kelintor's merchant
--removed kelintor's merchant's movement ability
--removed summon kelintor item from general vendors

[size=200]Salan Podcasts Synergies TableMountain inclusion[/size]

--Adding another modders 'mod' into synergies
Moded's legendary weapons adds 35 new legendary weapons to the legendary list.
these legendaries will be balanced if need be, but I will start out by leaving it as is.  they will NOT be sold on merchants in synergies, but instead the over all legendary drop rate will be altered.
--with Moded's added legendaries I am changing how legendaries drop in synergies.

Legendary Weapon spawn chances
Champion Legendary chance changing from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 500
Normal Legendary chance changing from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 2,000  (any mob that specifically tries for legendary that is not a champion)

Changing boss legendary chance from a 0 entry to a -1 (not sure how much this will effect, but it could)
Changing champion legendary chance from a 0 entry to a -1 (not sure how much this will effect, but it could)
Changing map-boss legendary chance from a 0 entry to a -1 (not sure how much this will effect, but it could)

Changing NORMAL loot from:
46799 chances of nothing
3200 chances of treasure
1 chance of legendary

to (this could have adverse effects, we'll see)
15600 chances of nothing
1067 chances of treasure
10 chances of legendary

i divided both the original numbers by 3 to keep them in preportion of each other it should maintain the same rate of drops for them, but the +10 on legendaries is FAR FAR greater then just 10 pnts this way.[/spoiler]

Synergies V1.36 Released January 4th  Major Necromancer Update
[spoiler][size=150]Major Game Change[/size]
Created a whole new city:  TABLE MOUNTAIN.
table mountain has had its exits removed, you can't walk out of the dungeon without using the portal!

Moved all Enchanters out of Estherian Enclaive to Table mountain, added Master Enchanter
Moved all vendors out of Mapworks to Table Mountain.  << all enchanters WILL get a mesh/texture change soon >>
added gem saver/destroyer to table mountain
added transmuter to table mountain

Added A portal to teleport to Table Mountain to general merchant inventory, and fixing the local waypoint to work with the waypoint system!
made all general vendors sell portals to table mountain, table mountains waypoint system only connects to mapworks, as per all other acts. (this is actually act 5 atm)

[size=150]General Changes[/size]
Darkness falls has a universal and new icon
Znojmo maps are now access by portal rather then mapworks
Removed the HARDDIFFICULTY gold drop graph, back to vanilla standards

[size=150]Pet Support added[/size]
5 fish added to Salan merchant in Table Mountain, perminently changes your pet to the new synergies pets:  Zombie, Skeleton, Skeleton with cloths, Spirit, Dire wolf.

[size=150]Necromancer Skill Changes[/size]
-Removed Bone Needles ability to steal life.

-Changed Bone needles cooldown to start at 1.2 seconds and end at .1 seconds from 1 pnt to somewhere around 12pnts.
needed to rebalance the DPS of this skill, being able to chain shoot 6 needles was insane.. the damage per shot has been REDUCED per tier due to cooldown reduction and needle increase.
added a soakscale to the dps. <rapid fire bone needles>

[size=150]Skill Progression Changes[/size]
changing how fast tier 7 skills unlock on the lower end

it is now:




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