Author Topic: Some major warlock changes in the last few updates...  (Read 1547 times)


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Some major warlock changes in the last few updates...
« on: November 14, 2013, 04:30:57 AM »
going to post them in one post here... I think the warlock can be built in extremely different ways now.

Spell triggers,  autoattackers,  casters,  melee casters...  mmm!

449+ dev notes

Description changed from saying it is in ALPHA.

damage is increased

damage is increased slightly

now lasts 1 minute
10skillpoints: your attacks now steal life
15skillpoints: your attacks now steal mana

Can now be cast independently of FireShield and NetherShield allowing you to stack it with one of the other two.

NetherBolts, NetherSlash, BurningBlade, ManaMissiles
These skills now give a charge bar affix to the warlocks that were previously created

New charge bar affix
All new warlocks start with the scaling NetherEssence and HellFire affix.
Fire damage bonus from 1 to 25% depending on how much Hellfire the warlock has available.
Electric damage bonus from 1 to 25% depending on how much NetherEssence the warlock has available.

Damage increased by 10%

Tentacle will no longer kill friends.
Tentacle has had its damaged slightly lowered

Patch 448

Polymorph Dragon
Changed to Summon Dragon
The dragon is now separate from your pet, still lasts 1 minute.

Polymorph Werewolf
Changed to Summon Werewolf
The werewolf is now seperate from your pet, still lasts 1 minute.

Polymorph NetherWarrior
Changed to Summon NetherWarrior
The NetherWarrior is now separate from your pet, still lasts 1 minute.

May only have 1 active at a time, can not refresh while active.
Have a cooldown of 1 minute, and lifetime of 1 minute.
Are Invulnerable while summoned, will not die until their lifetime elapses.

Brimstone Passive
now correctly effects physical armor as well as fire armor.

No longer allows health stealing

Damage reflection more then doubled
Attack speed bonus doubled

Blade Barrier
5skill points: degrades physical armor
10skill points: breaks shields
15skill points: slightly knocks enemy back (out of hand range, but within range of the shield)

Cast speed bonus increased
Missile Reflection dmg amount doubled
movement speed bonus increased slightly

Mana Missiles
Mini proc missiles will target better now

Patch 424

Damage is now fire based

Damage is now electric based

now generates 1 Nether per cast, does not require Nether to cast.
10skillpoints: If the attack kills a unit the unit might spawn a nether tentacle on death, these last 15 seconds.

Cooldown now equals duration so you know when its up, 20 seconds.

Has a 4 second cooldown added

NetherShield, FireShield, ManaShield
AWESOME New sounds for casting of the spells by GREATNAME

FireShield, NetherShield
Cooldown time is 15 seconds

Cooldown time is 20 seconds

Now does damage when it procs as well as its freeze, burning, electrocuted effects

Frozen Hatred, Hellfire passives
Both have had their damage increased.
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