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Synergies Raids
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Synergies Raids
  • Derinkuyu
  • The Ember Steps
  • The Realms of Discord
  • Darkness Falls


1. Getting to Derinkuyu
The portal to DK is on Table Mountain, near the training dummy.

2. Derinkuyu Map

Thanks to dimster and sinergistic for this picture.

3. Opening the Portals
Once you locate a portal, you have to click on it. Simply click on the "The Gatekeeper is the key, KILL HIM !!!

Wait for a few seconds and the portal will disappear. Once the portal disappears , you will know that you have spawned
"The Gatekeeper"

4. Finding the Gatekeeper
Here is a quote from Salan on how to locate the gatekeeper.
Actually he'll spawn in exactly the same place every single time for each individual portal, its just that each portals spawn is distinctively set.

they will always spawn in the same chunk but you can't see where the chunks change in game, basically it will be close by, but not right next to the portal you are clicking, usually around a corner.
What i usually do is trying to listen for him. I run around the map and once i hear his laugh, i know that he is close by.

5. Entering the Boss room
Once you kill the Gatekeeper, the portal that you clicked on will reappear and you can finally enter the room.

6. Information about Legendary Items and DK boss drops

SherockEternal Eye Ring
Adamant Boots
Assassin's Ring
Frostbite Staff (Frozen North Set)
General GnarlfangAssassin's Necklace
Frozen North Gloves
Burning Blood Shoulders
Witch Hunter Helmet
Juggernaut Gloves
Vaarrk the FirstbornJuggernaut Necklace
The Frozen Touch (Frozen North Set)
Adamant Necklace
Assassin's Shoulders
KorvaxBurning Blood Helmet
Adamant Pants
Juggernaut Ring
The BeastJuggernaut Ring
Eternal Eye Shield
Assassin's Gloves
ZicaraxJabberwocky's Vorpal Sword (Juggernaut Set)
Frozen North Boots
Assassin's Helmet
Burning Blood Pants
Eternal Eye Ring
Morg the MurdererFrozen North Tunic
Eternal Eye Mace
Witch Hunter Armor
Tarnitha the Green DragonEternal Eye Belt
Witch Hunter Amulet
Eternal Eye Tunic
Adamant Shield
Frozen North Ring
Kite the Blue DragonThe Phoenix (Burning Blood Set)
Adamant Shoulders
Eternal Eye Boots
Witch Hunter Pants
Assassin's Ring
Kane the Red DragonEternal Eye Boots
Adamant Mace
Eternal Eye Gloves
Juggernaut Helmet
Mandark the White DragonBurning Blood Necklace
Assassin's Pants
Witch Hunter Ring
Eternal Eye Helmet
Galkor the UnseenAssassin's Belt
Frozen North Shoulders
Kashysh the Plague BearerWitch Hunter Belt
The Fairy QueenAssassin's Chest Piece
Eternal Eye Necklace
Frozen North Pants
Witch Hunter Bow (2H)
The Fallen GodFrozen North Ring
Juggernaut Belt
Adamant Ring
Golsmag the SludgemasterEternal Eye Pants
Witch Hunter Boots
Kimotoson's Kunai (Assassin's Set)
Laeroth the Black DragonFrozen North Belt
Adamant Sword
Eternal Eye Shoulders
Adamant Ring
Burning Blood Ring
Burning BeardEternal Eye Staff
Derinkuyu TrashOtak's Talen (Bone Collector's Shield)
Jerry's Gun (The Axis Pistol)
Atropos's Lament (Grinder's Gift Mace)
Tommy's Gun (The Axis Pistol)
Tuasna's Touch (Bone Collector's Staff)
Oathbreaker (Greatsword)

The Ember Steps
This section is entirely written by Bue. I copy pasted it from This Thread. Thanks for letting me use it in the guide.

The Ember Steps provide an alternative* to leveling without having to progress through the vanilla Torchlight 2's story line.

The portal entrance to the Ember Steps is located in the Estherian Enclave. Inside this hub area, Drek the Death Dealer awaits to bid you welcome and invite you to venture further by taking the Ember Steps and enter the Realms of Discord. He will give you The Ancient War Titan quest. It is hinted upon turning in this quest that he may have future work (anticipate further quests from Drek in the future.)

Khan Xul was present in the Ember Steps around Hallowe'en, and requested assistance in getting back his head (The Early Harvest quest). As the peak harvest time is now over, he has left the Ember Steps, but it is possible he may return again during harvest season next year.

The Realms of Discord

Taking the Ember Steps down from the hub will eject you into the Realms of Discord. Uncertainty, reward, or possibly death await. Each realm is relatively small (this was done on purpose to reduce lag and frame rate issues, I believe), and expect to run into normal trash mobs, Elites, Heroes, Champions, and the occasional (sometimes not so occasional!) random World Boss.

The Realms consist of multiple levels, accessed at random, comprised of two different types - regular and boss levels. When the Ember Steps were introduced, it contained the hub level, four regular levels, and one boss level. It has since expanded by several levels, and likely to continue to grow :)

There is no predictable order to go through the individual realms. To go from one Realm of Discord to another, it is necessary to find and slay Dingir Xul the Amelatu. Upon his death, a phase portal will spawn near his corpse that can be taken to enter another Realm (possibly the same one as well, but repopulated). There usually is more than one Dingur Xul in each Realm.

Dingir Xul does not appear on the boss levels. Instead, a portal is provided to return to the hub (not confirmed for the Three Sisters).  Nor does he appear on the Pirate Cove level.  Instead, hub portals are located at the beginning and the end of the level.

Current Levels

  • Catacombs
  • Generic Cave
  • Desert Cave
  • Bandit Camp
  • Gorge
  • Ice Pass
  • Sewers
  • Dwarven Armory
  • The Nether
  • Pirate Cove
  • Crab Trap
  • Swarm Point Hive - Temporarily removed for retuning

  • Peake's Hideout
  • The War Titan
  • Cacklespit
  • Three Sisters
  • Frozen Peak
  • Bloatfang - Temporarily removed for retuning
  • Dragon Tower - This fight has been moved to Darkness Falls


The Early Harvest -- this quest is no longer available, but it was a rousing good fight to kill that monster Peake and get the Helm of Harvest as a reward.
Quest-giver: Khan Xul
Reward: Helm of the Harvest.

The Ancient War Titan
Quest-giver: Drex
Reward: Magnificent Soul

Darkness falls is currently under construction. This is what Salan had to say about DF
Darknessfalls will be based on the sawmill and blightbogs.  I am taking the sawmill and adding in a huge portion of bogs around it.  The land will be accessible by a quest chain through Tablemountain. 

Its population, a currently un-named race of humans that have been trapped in this desolate bog since the ancient trolls and dragons receded from the world, taking their parcel of land with them.   In the time that passed they became dark and powerful, worshiping demons as their only way to survive the two ancient races while trapped the way they have been.  The dungeon trash will be humanoids in retextured armor and new weapons.  Soldiers, guards, mages and generals currently make up their roster.  A range of player skills will be tied to them, they will NOT be push overs.

Their loot will be a range of legendary socketables, tags, collars, and maybe even a 1.5 tier of their own retextured armor sets after the fact.

The zone itself will house the entrances to all the boss fights, but will require quests in having them unlocked and accessible.   There will be times where marauding trolls will enter the zone, or rampaging dragons..  maybe a netherim assault or a raging demon of some sort breaking loose.

all in all it will be MUCH more then dk hub was ever.

Darknessfalls Pictures