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Synergies Crafting
« on: December 12, 2013, 07:37:51 PM »
Synergies Crafting
  • Soulcrafting Tier0
  • Soulcrafting Tier1
  • Chaos Ember Crafting
  • Damage Absorption gems
  • Other Crafting Recipes

Soulcrafting Tier 0
-Minor Souls, Lesser Souls, Greater Souls drop in a range from Elite, Hero, Tier0 Trash, and Tier1 Trash monsters.
-Magnificent Souls drop from ancient trolls and rare dragons
-Angelic Souls need to be crafted
-Soul Stones will drop from all tier0 bosses

Combine 10 minor souls to make a Lesser soul, 10 lesser souls to make a greater soul, 10 greater souls to make a magnificent soul and 5 magnificent souls to make a Angelic soul.

Combine a Angelic Soul, a Soul Stone and ANY tier0 armor piece (not rings nor weapons) and the item will be 'soulbound' and have a 5% damage reduction affix added to it.  Be warned it destoys your previous item and replaces it with a new one, sockets/enchants will be lost.

Combine 2 Angelic Soul, 2 Soul Stones and any Tier0 SOULBOUND armor piece and the item will change to a second degree of soulbound, replacing in 8% damage reduction and a health increase.  Again destroying the old armor and creating a new one.

Soulcrafting Tier 1
Soul Crafting in Tier 1 is not yet implemented. It will probably look similar to this.

Tier1 soulcrafting will:

Rename soulstone to angelic soulstone
Expand Soulcrafting to tier0.5 pieces
introduce 4 new soulstones

Cuastic Soulstone will add 5% damage to poison damage
Atomic Soulstone  will add 5% damage to electric damage
Frigid Soulstone will add 5% damage to ice damage
Inferno Soulstone will add 5% damage to Fire damage
Angelic Soulstone will add 5% damage absorb

Each tier 0, tier 0.5 and tier 1 piece of Armor will have two slots for Soulcrafting, and still require a Angelic Soul combined with the correct soulstone.

All armor will be able to craft the above list in the first slot.

IF  Craft angelic soulstone in first slot, your second slot can be any of the elemental soulstones at 5% above, or the second layer of angelic soulstone at 8% DR and 500 health.
IF craft Elemental soulstone in first slot, your second slot can be Angelic Soulstone at 5% DR, or a second damage increase to any of the OTHER elemental damage types at 5%, or an increase of slot ones damage type at 10% extra, for 15% total of 1 element.

Chaos Ember Crafting
Take any 3 chaos gems to a transmuter and receive a Chaotic scroll.  Using the scroll may have adverse effects on your life expectancy, or reward you with some of the best loot you will ever find.  It is use-able by lower level characters but the gear that drops is meant to help augment your character at end game, acquiring it early helps you plan, it is up to you to refrain from using it before you are ready to.

Damage absorption gems
Synergies introduced 2 new gems, combine them both in order to make a stronger gem.

Celindari's eternal eye
5% damage reduction when applied to armor

Aberdokki's eternal eye
3% damage reduction when applied to armor

combine both gems together
Salan's eternal eye
7% damage reduction when applied to armor

The celindari and aberdokki's eyes are both available on every single boss in the normal play through, with a 5 and 10% chance to drop respectfully.

Other Crafting Recipes
1 Legendary and 1 Potion Catalyst now creates a Greater Soul
1 Potion Catalyst and 3 socketables now create 1 better quality socketable (stops conflcits with transmutes)