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Summoner Idea - Artificer
« on: February 25, 2014, 10:34:35 AM »
This idea came to be in association with this topic:
Summoner concept

The idea I present here is all about the mechanics of this class. I used an artificer theme for flavoring but I’m more interested about the class system behind it.

General objective:
To create a summoner class that is friendly for the average wooden PC and won’t create so many problems when playing with others. I do this by limiting the number of summons to about 6. Since this build is all about summoning that should be the main damage. This class also tries to be around summons as much as possible while not falling into the “take this if your lazy” category. Meaning you have to actively work with and for your summons to be viable.

The charge and core system:
The bar looks like the charge bar of the Engineer. You passively summon bots. The charge bar determines the hard cap of those bots, ranging from 2 to 4, and their spawning rate. Upon death each passive summon has a chance to explode, dealing electric damage to enemies around it.

Skills general concept:
The skills are divided into three sections (as normal): Conjuration, Transmutation and Shadow evocations. Every tree has a single summoning, that is separated from the passive summoning. Every skill, aside from the special summoning, can affect the passive summoning at tier #. Special summoning are summoning with long cool down (90 seconds) and a set duration (60 seconds). There are a total of 3 special summoning (one per tree).
  • Conjuration: this tree is all about creating new stuff. Skill tiers skills can grant your passive summons weapons, armor and other gear.
  • Transmutation: this tree is all about enhancing existing things, because of that they all have gear requirement. Skill tiers will grant your passive summons additional effects.
  • Shadow grafting: this tree is about you. Skill tiers will allow you to use your passive summons in order to enhance your own abilities.

Actual skills:
2. Force field- Works exactly like “Force field”, except tier 1 grant 25% chance to add shield for your passive summons.
7. Dancing weapon: this summon is all about damage.
Crafter- Increase the chance for added effect on your summons.
Frenzy summoning- Increase the attack speed, casting speed and damage of the summoning.
Careful manipulation- you gain a stun chance with weapons attacks.

2. Electric shot, requires bow or crossbow- Works closely like “Shadow shot” with the following changes:  tier 1 add electric damage (scale with level) to your passive summons that carry a bow, tier 2 add secondary shots and tier 3 add a chance for a knock back effect.
6. Iron prison, requires shield- Works closely like “Bone Cage” with the following changes: tier 1 grant reflect to your passive summons that carry a shield (permanently applied), tier 2 add 100% chance for the cage to explode on death and tier 3 reduce their attack speed.
7. Golem: this is your tank summoning
Augmented summon: increase the health and armor of your summons.
Enhanced gear: Unique summons also reduce armor on hit.
Armor mastery- Works exactly like “Bulwark”.

Shadow grafting:
5. Salvageable bounty- Works exactly like “Death’s bounty”.
6. Death pact- Every summon you have explodes, dealing extra damage.
7. Shadow caster- this is utility summon, think of healing bot with spells.
Unstable mechanic – upon death, your passive summons have a greater chance to explode. This also increases the amount of damage from each explosion.
Salvage- Every time a passive summon explodes, you gain healing (works like “Charge Reconstitution”, but with different trigger).
Spark retaliation- Works exactly like “Rage Retaliation”.

How I imagined it working?
I want this build to use various weapons types throughout the game and that most of damage would come from synergy between the abilities. You invest for summoning something with enhanced gear – that is your main damage source. Well that or exploding minions….

Also I should not that it is intended for you to summon a creep with multiple gears like 2 weapons or shield and a weapon.

Please let m know what are your thoughts about this.


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Re: Summoner Idea - Artificer
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 01:21:22 PM »
Apology for being repetitive but I would really like some opinions regarding the mechanics here.
As it suggests something completely different for a pure summoner build (which is currently the Elementalist).


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Re: Summoner Idea - Artificer
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2014, 10:15:27 PM »
somehow I missed the thread, I'm sorry.

the tree names definitely sound more artificer ish eh? hmmm
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Re: Summoner Idea - Artificer
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2014, 04:26:22 AM »
Well sure, but it could be easily modified to Elementalist (or any other theme). As I mentioned before, I am more interested about the thoughts regarding the mechanics. Here are examples for the change to adjust for the Elementalist theme:

Your passive creeps are elementals. I personally think of them as variations of shadow infused with elemental energy.
In terms of weapons you could add elemental variants (example: Ice shield and Flame hammer) or you can change it to build in (example Ice skin and flaming hands).

The basic idea is still the same as your main damage is elemental magic that comes from enhanced summoning. 

Example for concept:
One skill grants you a chance to passively summon a shadow equipped with a lighting bow (or a lighting elemental) another skill states that every shot that summon make arcs between targets (“Shadow shot” visualized as lightening)

Game play:
You passively summon creeps, so there is no need for constant summoning. Your charge bar determines the passive summoning rate and the number cap (ranging from 2-4 (where as 2 is an empty bar).There are only 3 Active summoning spells (90sec cool down and 60sec durations). This means that the player is free do stuff other the constant summoning.

Down side:
Having a lot of variations due to the skill composition means you need to make a lot of different avatars for the passive creeps.

The randomness of this passive summon IS what makes this class fun in my opinion.
p.s. Thanks for the replay
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