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[Class Suggestion] Guardian - WIP
« on: May 04, 2014, 07:30:23 AM »
EDIT: Gonna leave this uncompleted until..... whenever I get inspiration I suppose.

Well, I've been gone for quite some time.... haven't kept up with anything TL2-related (busy playing FFXIV: ARR)

But I've recently had an idea for a shield based class. (unlike all those weapon-based classes everywhere!)

I'll just drop my basic ideas here... and pretty much anyone is free to expand upon it (since I may or may not come back to check)

As mentioned, the class' main "weapon" will be his Shield/Armor. Any 1H-weapon (ranged, or melee, or unarmed) can be used alongside it. A Shield is not strictly necessary, but plays into a lot of skills.

The design is based around a slow 'tank-ish' character. There are a number of skills that have very high cost (cannot be spammed) but do SIGNIFICANT damage, and this character largely relies on building up a combination of buffs before unleashing a big attack, then trying to build up the next big attack. Although, there are also skills that allow for a spammy playstyle.

The charge bar will be a combination of the Necromancer/Outlander's charge bar, as well as the Engineer's charge bar. (charges can be expended for certain effects, but also provide a static bonus)

Each skill tree will also have an associated 'Stance', each with its own minor effects. Using a skill from one tree forces you to swap to that tree's 'Stance'. (unless otherwise stated) The stances are Grounded, Solemn and Unbound. However, the stance's bonuses will only be applied after the skill's effects.

(e.g., using a skill from the Grounded stance tree then one from the Solemn tree will result in the Grounded stance bonuses being applied to the Solemn skill.)


Charge Bar
Charges adds %Block. (pretty simple)


Grounded Tree

The Grounded Tree is largely filled with charge-expending skills, CC effects and utility effects. The stance for this tree is the Grounded Stance, which increases charge gain.

Static Electricity (Main Attack/Charge Gainer)
Deals damage based on Electric Armor. Deals additional damage if the previous skill was a charge consuming skill.
Tier I: Increased charge generation rate
Tier II: Further increased charge generation rate
Tier III: Greatly increased charge generation rate
Comments: A basic skill included to allow for Guardians to specialize only in the Grounded Tree, but also is very effective at generating charges when included between charge consuming skills.

Conduit (Toggle)
When toggled on, deals electric damage to the Guardian based on a % of his HP, and generates Charge.
Tier I: Has a small chance to gain extra charge
Tier II: Increased chance to gain extra charge
Tier III: Further increased chance to gain extra charge
Comments: Another charge generating ability, this time playing into the Guardian's Electric Armor to offset the disadvantage.

Overload (Main Attack)
Can only be used with a full charge bar. Consumes all charges, deal AOE Electric damage based on the Guardian's Electric Armor.
Tier I: Reduced cast time
Tier II: Further reduced cast time
Tier III: No cast time
Comments: The final attack for the Grounded tree. A little more spam-y compared to the Unbound and Solemn trees' final attacks though.

Energize! (Utility)
Consume all charges. Regenerates mana over time based on the Guardian's Electric Armor, and the amount of charge consumed.
Tier I: Reduced mana cost
Tier II: Further reduced mana cost
Tier III: Does not cost mana
Comments: Nothing special really, a lot of skills are going to be mana-intensive, and this forces the Guardian to factor in his charges into that.

Discharge (Toggle)
Rapidly consumes charges while active. Greatly increases your movement, attack and cast speeds while active.
Tier I: Enemy movement speed also decreased
Tier II: Enemy cast speed also decreased
Tier III: Enemy attack speed also decreased
Comments: Self-buff, essentially.

Stunning Confidence (AOE CC)
Consume a charge. 100% to stun, silence, interrupt, slightly knockback, blind and inflicts 100% slow on all nearby enemies for 0.25 seconds.
Tier I: Lasts for 0.50 seconds
Tier II: Lasts for 0.75 seconds
Tier III: Lasts for 1 second
Comments: Sort of like a 1 second invulnerability window, at the cost of a charge. Not sure if it should cost more charges, or last shorter, but I guess that's up for balancing.

Firm Stance (Passive)
Increases the bonuses provided by the Grounded Stance. Charge gain is further increased.
Comments: "Filler" passive. Each tree has one of these. It would be unfair for the Guardian to straight up gain bonuses without any skill investments.

Sure Footing (Passive)
The Guardian uses his superior footing to gain an advantage when making his move. Gains Charge when transitioning to another stance.
Comments: Promotes Stance rotations! The Unbound tree also has one of these. This one I like, because it rewards players for using their spells in precise rotations.

Solemn Tree

The Solemn Tree is filled with skills that affect or use Armor. The stance for this tree is the Solemn Stance, which increases %Armor.

Cold Denial (Main Attack/Single target CC)
Melee attack that deals Ice damage based your Ice Armor, and greatly knocks back the target. Inflicts Ice damage based on your Ice Armor. Always applies the Frozen debuff.
Tier I: Has a chance to apply Immobilize
Tier II: Greater chance to apply Immobilize
Tier III: Even greater chance to apply Immobilize
Comments: Just a CC skill, I guess.

Layering (Self Buff)
Temporarily gain Elemental Defense equal to a % of your Physical Defense. This bonus counts towards your total Elemental Defense. Can be stacked multiple times. Has a significant mana cost.
Tier I: Reduced mana cost
Tier II: Further reduced mana cost
Tier III: Even further reduced mana cost
Comments: One of the stacking buffs. Lets you build up to big attacks.

Avatar (Summon)
Consume all charges to summon an Avatar. The Avatar gains Armor based on the amount of charge consumed, and the Guardian's physical armor. Avatars mimic the Guardian's spells, but are unable to use melee ranged spells.
Tier I: Maximum of 2 Avatars
Tier II: Maximum of 3 Avatars
Tier III: Maximum of 4 Avatars
Comments: Every class isn't complete without a summon amiright?

Fortitude (Utility/Self Buff)
Recover health based on your Physical Armor. Gain Physical Armor based on % of Health recovered until you deal damage. Can Overheal, increasing max HP by 1 for every 4 HP overhealed. Has a significant mana cost. Overhealing does not count towards bonus Physical Armor, and cannot stack.
Tier I: Increases max HP by 1 for every 3 HP overhealed
Tier II: Increases max HP by 1 for every 2 HP overhealed
Tier III: Increases max HP by 1 for every 1 HP overhealed
Comments: A defensive powerhouse that lets you survive, while building up to a bigger attack.

Fortress (Self Buff)

Frozen Blast (Main Attack)
Drains all mana. Channels the Guardian's Ice Armor, delivering a potent blast. Damage based on Ice Armor, and mana consumed.
Tier I: Regenerate 10% of mana used over 2 seconds
Tier II: Regenerate 20% of mana used over 2 seconds
Tier III: Regenerate 30% of mana used over 2 seconds
Comments: One of the big attacks. Players should also try to remain in the Solemn Stance for the additional damage (or I guess you could go with Grounded for extra Charges for the recovery with Energize!).

Unbroken Expression (Passive)
Increases the bonuses provided by the Solemn Stance. %Armor is further increased.
Comments: No comment. See Firm Stance.

Stoic Rumination (Passive)
Increases Physical and Ice Armor each second if the Guardian does not move. Bonuses lost upon movement.
Comments: A niche skill rewarding being passive.


Unbound Tree

The Unbound Tree is filled with Offensive skills. The stance for this tree is the Unbound Stance, which decreases %Block but increases attack speed.

Bash and Attack (Main Attack/Self Buff)
The Guardian swiftly delivers a quick bash, dealing damage based on his physical defense and gains attack speed.
Tier I: Attack speed buff stacks twice
Tier II: Attack speed buff stacks thrice
Tier III: Attack speed buff stacks four times
Requires a Shield
Comments: Unbound deals with basic attacks a lot. Unlike other classes, %WDPS skills do not exist. This is the closest thing, and it keeps the player active with using a skill while attacking. (Wouldn't it be boring to just keep attacking huh)

Meltdown (Self Buff)
Consume a charge. Temporarily increases % Fire Armor, but decreases % Physical Armor.
Tier I: Further increases Fire Armor, but also decreases Ice Armor
Tier II: Further increases Fire Armor, but also decreases Electric Armor
Tier III: Greatly increases Fire Armor, but also reduces damage reduction
Comments: The Solemn tree also has a charge consuming skill to allow for single tree specialized builds. This is the Unbound one.

Fiery Spirit (Self Buff)
Enhances the Guardian's weapon, causing it to deal additional Fire damage for the next X attacks based his Fire Armor. Does not stack.
Tier I: Fire damage is dealt in an area
Tier II: Area of effect increased
Tier III: Area of effect further increased
Comments: See Bash and Attack, really. Same thing.

Flame Dash (Main Attack/Mobility)
Swiftly dashes to the target, dealing Fire damage based on the Guardian's Fire Armor. Deals more damage based on distance traveled. Enemies between the main target are take significant knockback and suffer a movement slow.
Tier I: Deals even more damage based on distance traveled
Tier II: Deals even more damage based on distance traveled
Tier III: Deals even more damage based on distance traveled
Comments: A plain mobility skill I guess, but I wanted it to be able to be used as a main attack skill for closing distances, or in combination with Cold Denial.

Unleash! (Main Attack)
Consumes all charges, and mana. Deals massive damage to a single target based on your total armor, charge consumed and mana consumed. Applies a debuff to the Guardian that reduces all Armor by a large %.
Tier I: Damage dealt in a small area
Tier II: Damage dealt in a moderate area
Tier III: Damage dealt in a large area
Comments: The ultimate attack, throwing away all defense. Basically makes forces the player to find ways to build up the next Unleash! The AOE thing is just a convenience, wouldn't want to have to keep using this on trash mobs right?

Unhindered (Passive)
Increases the bonuses provided by the Unbound Stance. Attack speed is increased. Doubled attack speed gains if no weapon is equipped.
Comments: Blah Blah Blah, but really also enables the use of unarmed.

Weaving (Passive)
When transitioning from the Unbound Stance to another stance, cast speed is increased for the next skill.
Comments: Promotes transitions! Yay! The best way to make use of this is to go Unbound -> Something Else -> Unbound -> Something Else. Makes for a largely offensive-build, but also counterbalanced by mana costs.

Attack is the best Defence! (Passive)
% chance to cast Heavy Blow when attacking. Heavy Blow deals damage in a 120 degree frontal arc based on your Physical Armor with a slight Knockback.
Comments: Puts something useful with your attacks.
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Re: [Class Suggestion] Guardian - WIP
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Hey craftea, ya you haven't been around that much lately.

hope you are doing well!
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Re: [Class Suggestion] Guardian - WIP
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Heya! Been doing well, just not playing TL2 as much as before :p

I mighttttt squeeze out some time to play a new toon, but we'll see. *fingers crossed*