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Need some advice mabye.
« on: May 06, 2014, 03:34:54 AM »
Hi everybody!

Been almost a year since I last played this glorious mod in all its splendor and alot, and I mean ALOT has happend since then. I would very much like to try one of the mod only classes (again, all my former characters are gone) and at the moment it stands between Warlock and Necromancer.

Now, as the titel suggests (snickers) I would love some suggestions regarding what build to play. When I play a game I sorta dislike playing a character just to get the feel for it and then remake it to do it like I want. This is not a problem since you can respec your skillpoints.

Should I decide to go with a necro, I'm very torn between summoner or other (bone needle?). Is an all-out summoner viable in very end game in Darkness Falls or will the minions just get wasted? I noted GreatNames videos with his Bone Necro and as he points out, lacks aoe.l

I haven't looked much at the warlock even when I played before so i know close to nothing about them. I am sorta intrigued by "the one proc build" and might go for such a build, but I assume that levling with it might be hard.   

So I turn to the great forumites to lend me some tips and suggestions. What works right now and what doesn't? In the end I want a character that can survive and handle all the great end game content that Synergies has to offer without having to kite everything around the world.


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Re: Need some advice mabye.
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 09:06:32 AM »
Necromancer with Summon build: Low chance to die vs. T0 content, medium-high chance to die vs. T1 content(Greater risk when using summons due to them dying much faster vs. T1 bosses)Involves staying at range at all times but still in range to use Bone Needles, does less damage than a pure Bone Needler build. Has some good debuffing and buffing options.

Necromancer with focus on Bone Needles(No summon focus at all): Low chance to die vs. T0 content, medium chance to die vs. T1 content(easier to keep your range and focus on your own survival without having to resummon stuff :P+ better socketing options make it easier to increase survivability)Stays at range aswell, but is more durable and does more damage overall due to Bone Needle being pumped to greater damage(Thanks to socketing options being better for an all out dmg character vs. Summoner socketing, and gearing). Same debuffing and buffing options as a summoner build has.

Shield wearing Melee Warlock: Low chance to die vs. T0 content, High chance to die vs. T1 content (Due to melee), does good damage and has great buffs such as Nether Shield etc.
Shield wearingCaster Warlock: Low chance to die vs. T0 content, low-medium chance to die vs. T1 content(better survivability due to being ranged), has great buffs just as the melee version.

Necro vs. Warlock survivability: Warlock has a slight edge on survivability due to the +movespeed and +Immobalization resistance passive which makes you able to resist the Executioners Immobalization (which will kill you if you dont resist it, not always ofc, but if he executes, ur dead) and also run out of danger faster than a Necro can (Necro has teleport which makes it easy to survive tho)

Necro vs. Warlock Damage: Necromancer does good damage with Bone Needles, but it actually has quite small cast range and a slight cooldown(something like 0.3 sec so nothing gamebreaking ^^), while Warlocks Ranged attacks has a lot more range and from my current experience you do more damage with Warlock atm, word of warning tho, i have not played my Necro for several months, so with the recent changes Bone Needles damage might have gone up or down, havent tested it for myself so im basing this of off old info.

Necro summons: The summons a necro has to choose from for Raiding content are the 3 master minions and the passive % chance summon 1-4 skulls when you get hit, Summon are great while leveling, but they start to really decline once you reach lvl 100 and go for Raiding content, the 3 master summons are the only summons that you can really rely on to survive long enough to do any kind of damage worth having as a summoner. That said, i myself dislike the current state of the summons because while they do decent damage, they deal it SLOW, you might se your dragon wander of for 2-3 seconds before he hits the target and then another 2 seconds before he hits again, and the same goes for the other master minions, they attack really slow, even as a pure summoner you will probably do close to equall damage with Bone needles as your 3 summons combined does.

Skeletons, Zombies, Death Dolls and the sponge type summon (Forgot its name :P) all die from any AoE or hit done to them from a boss so you cant rely on them for damage as a summoner necro.

As i mentioned tho, i am basing this of off old info, with the changes made to summons being affected by stats and such, it might be more viable than before and i havent tried a 2x soulforged summoner set yet ^^ + i havent tried Summons vs. T1 content yet so im only making an estimate on how the survivability as a summoner necro would be, could be worse than i immagine tho if summons die faster than i imagine :D you will have to try it out :P

Easiest to level is a Summoner Necromancer and it is super fun aswell, summon your skeletons, zombies, 3 master minions, Death Dolls etc and also proc your 1-4 skulls from the passive, oh man, thats some fun stuff right there with your dragon and everything else runing around kicking ass :D

P.S you mentioned you dont wana kite, but you will need to kite vs. Rak'var unless you go full melee :D and even then im sure you will need to retreat to get your health back up after taking a 25-30k hit from the human form Rak'var (Scary dude that guy!)
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Re: Need some advice mabye.
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2014, 09:18:10 AM »
An exellent reply sir!Was more or less the info I wanted. Thank you!