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The 2014 Spring to Summer schedule
« on: June 07, 2014, 05:39:41 PM »
First off I want to say that while the mod isn't progressing extremely fast right now I have not gone anywhere.

Last year I went through a small hiatus over the late spring, early summer portions of the year because of a family loss.
This year I am likely a lot less active over this time period as well, but at least everything is good on my end!

I have started filling in gear stats for the tier1 sets, and finalize the last pre-elemental crypt fights.  I am going to slowly work to releasing the first tier1 sections over the next couple of weeks.   This of course is NOT my main priority right now.  I have a few younger kids (4) and summer is a family time.  Going on hikes, camping, and such.

With my lower amount of activity the other devs are also less active, as I am the driving force here, which is how I built the mod.   I will go through quick spurts of tweaks and fixes and such, and expansion when I find the time to put into the process, but I do not hold the others to any schedule.  Their work will find a place when they want it to as well.

So I am just stating for the record, the Mod will continue.  Tier1 will be released (Most definitely over the summer).   But it won't be at a hectic pace again until the end of summer when I can put more time into it like I did last year near the end of august to march.
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