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A class idea that may be or may not be viable, based on Swashbucklers like Zorro, Inigo Montoya etc

The main focus of this class would be using an one-handed weapon, and having skills and passives that give the Swashbuckler massive advantage when he is fighting ONE opponent at a time. Swashbucklers in films are often very acrobatic as well, so the Swashbuckler could definetely have a mobility skill that also briefly increases his dodge in order to reposition himself, so that he is fighting only one enemy whenever possible.

I would like to clarify, that fighting one enemy, could be translated in torchlight as, hitting an enemy while not being hit by any enemy, or being hit by the very same enemy you are hitting only.

When that happens, the Swashbuckler recieves bonus in dodge, parry, critical etc.

Because of the above, the Swashbuckler could benefit a lot from dexterity, although he would still need HP and DR like everybody else.
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