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I have an idea about class with name like this. And for the details...


This class is heavy on spell casting. The damage output is more powerful than embermage, but the casting animation is horrible. That's why I'm thinking about put Outlander charge bar for this class. And this class also have ultimate skill that have HUGE impact, but the cooldown is long. 6 minute for tier 0, then get -1 minute for each tier. So you get 3 minute cooldown on tier 3. And the mana cost is also huge, like 100 or so.


Just like embermage, this class relies on Focus, Vitality for tankiness, and little dex for crit chance. Also this class prefers staff than wands.


Starmage has charge bar the same as outlander.


Starmage has skills divided into three categories. They are:
  • Time
  • Star
  • Gravity

Time skill consists of supporting skills like haste, slow. With this you can be summoner using skeletons then buff them or debuff your enemies. Or maybe be a support in multi player. Or take a few of them for yourself. The ultimate skill in this tree is Time Stop.

Star skill consists of attacking skill like Meteor Strike and the like. So even your cast speed is maximum, you still have to wait the meteor fall down to your enemies. The ultimate skill in this tree, i named it, Catastrophe. I have this idea from Tales of Vesperia Rita Mordio's Ancient Catastrophe. So this skill is a little "look a like".  :P

Gravity skill consists of skill that make Starmage unique. It has Black Hole that makes enemies suck into the target and White Hole that makes enemies blown away from the target. And skills that give enemies Damage per Second in an area. The ultimate skill in this tree is Gravity Well, a skill that makes enemies receive damage from their current HP. I still don't know this can be done or not.

This is for now. Any opinion is OK. Especially in this "Ultimate Skill" idea. :P

P.S.:I don't mind someone being a Grammar Nazi... :D
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Re: [Concept]Starmage
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  • Haste
  • Slow
  • Quick
  • Slow Motion
  • Anticipate
  • Regeneration
  • Time Stop

  • Time Management
  • Time Blessing
  • Time Vision


  • Starfall
  • Meteor
  • Comet
  • Lightning Strike
  • Poison Ball
  • Elemental Boon
  • Catastrophe

  • Staff Mastery
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Charge Mastery


  • Gravity Field
  • White Hole
  • Phase
  • Gravity Wall
  • Gravity Crush
  • Black Hole
  • Gravity Well

  • Gravity Curse
  • Gravity Rift
  • Gravity Mesh
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Re: [Concept]Starmage
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What do you mean the animation is horrible?
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Re: [Concept]Starmage
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The other way to put it is slow, maybe. Like Elemental Boon, the duration from you click to the effect occurs take a long time.