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Patch 912 now live
« on: August 06, 2014, 04:02:36 PM »
Loot now drops from stage 3, not stage 2.

Tier1 Loot weight changes
Angelic Souls in DF weight changed from 1 to 2 per boss.
Soulstones in DF weight changed from 1 to 4 per boss.
Magnificent Souls in DF weight changed from 8 to 6 per boss.

Tier1, and Tier1.5 loot changes

Due to MP invisible gear bug all Tier1 and Tier1.5 loot will only be able to be socketed 1 time.
Soulcrafting can now take up all 5 slots for enchanting.
Soulcrafting will likely be expanded.
Mythical Socketables will be at least double strength from Tier0 Legendaries.
Soulstones will be increased in drop amounts to compensate.
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