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Patch 923 now uploading!
« on: August 08, 2014, 04:14:06 AM »
Tier1 affixes
Adjusting how many bosses can drop Health soulstones, was too many previously.
Adjusting Health bonus's on Mythical Socketables and Soulcrafting rewards. 
Soulcrafting Health bonus has been lowered by 40%
Mythical HEALTH Socketables are now inline with increase from Legendary socketables above unique socketables.
Adjusting a few mythical item affixes.

Tier1 Loot
Increasing the drop rate of all Soulstones.
Increase the drop rate of all Angelic Souls in DF
Decreasing the drop rate of all Magnificent Souls in DF

Mythical Items
Can no longer be enchanted by any Attribute Enchanters or Master Enchanters.
All other enchanters can still enchant Mythical Items.
Soulcrafting will be expanded in stage 2 of DF with more options.
More Mythical Socketables will be added.

Is now set to only 4 Enchants per item.

TableMountain Enchanters
Can only enchant up to 3 times each.   (( previously enchanted gear will retain its enchants ))
It was originally always 3 enchants, but in preparation for DF it was moved to 5, because soulcrafting would take up the first 3 slots, and allow for 2 more stat enchants.
All current items keep their 5 enchants.

<< All these restrictions on soulcrafting and not being able to enchant mythical items MAY CHANGE in the future >>
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