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Louie Punch Wand/Club
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:39:59 PM »
Louie the Rune Soldier is the parody of Japan's attempt at D&D known as Record of Lodoss War. It remains their funniest rendition, better than slayers. Louie is a mage, but he's really bad at it. He drinks, chases women, and punches people because he hits harder than he can cast spells. He's the obvious origin of the later Touma from Index. Louie defeats EVIL by punching it, literally. And doesn't do any shouting about Imagination, either. Ahem.

Louie's wand looks a lot like a level 1 club, and he breaks that over the head of a goblin early in the anime. Efforts are required to create a new wand, which he does not break later. The second wand ALSO looks a lot like a level 1 club. A proper Louie wand would offer +20 to strength, -6 to focus, +10 to stamina, and the classic 90% chance to interrupt an attack, yet only be class useable by mages like a wand. The most it ever does in the anime is light, and sometimes an explosion. 2% chance for meteor shower would be right.

So build a club, set it to only embermages can equip it, give it the above bonuses, and offer the % bonus attacks and light radius effect which will naturally draw monsters into attacking.