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1128+ dev notes
« on: September 13, 2014, 07:20:16 PM »
Creating new character bug
Ranger_ally will no longer attempt to be a player and cause the game to crash when mousing over it!
sorry, the ranger has been removed from the forest!

Skill point bug
Fixed the skill point on respec bug.. Darn ranger causing problems

BladeDancing and BladeWeaving
Combined into 1 skill named BladeDancing
1skill: Protector buff applied (+ to armor rating) (2 counters)
5skill: Degrade debuff applied (4 counters for both)
10skill: 2 counters for both added
15skill: 2 counters for both added

PROTECTOR BUFF increased in amount of each application.
DEGRADE DEBUFF increased in duration, stacking more.

New escape skill
you weave your blades around yourself, protecting yourself as you escape your location. <temp description>
Charge move, no damage done (moves you from your location to a new location, FAST cast speed)
Knocks back enemies as you run through them.
5skill points: adds DODGE %
10skill points: adds high amount of armor while using skill, and shortly after. (parry effect of blades weaving around player)
15skill points: adds a health regen for limited time to the player (something like max tree regen added for 5 seconds)
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