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1136+ dev notes
« on: September 14, 2014, 10:05:44 PM »
10 skill points: Armor bonus now effects fire and ice Elemental armor
15 skill points: Armor bonus now effects electric and poison Elemental armor

changed to static 30% weapon dps amount.
New Particle Effects
Wording finalized
Cost and Cool down corrected
Effects finalized
Dodge no longer stops at 6%

Natures Rage
15 skill points: now applies the 10skill point bonus to the player as well as the 15 skill point bonus to the pets.

Natures Renewal
Now only effects unittype: Ranger_ally (which all summoned creatures from the ranger are (Ally's and Trees))

Natures Blessing
Increased DR and Health Bonus rate of increase

Thousand cuts
now displays the bleed damage
Bleed damage increased

Natures Vengeance
Increased DPS amount by 20%
 % chance to activate increased per investment point (for tier1 and 2)

Storm Warning
Increased the Resistance and Movement buffs
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