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1139+ dev notes
« on: September 15, 2014, 02:34:16 PM »
GemSaver Sword
New gemsaver made for Mythical items, will be sold in Darknessfalls vendor by the waypoint.

Dungeon populations
Lowered max population from 012 to 010, will be slightly noticeable in less large clumps, testing it out.

Thousand Cuts
10 skill points: Proc now allows health stealing effects.

Sweeping Strike
10 skill points: Proc now allows health stealing effects.

Gift of Renewal
10 skill points to 15 skill points.
amount of health returned by PETS drastically increased per skill point.
amount of health returned by player drastically increased per skill point.

Added a IMMOBILIZATION resistance while the skill is active.
15 skill point Health regen more then doubled in amount.

Natures Blessing
Health amount increased per skill point investment (by 40%)

Tree of Healing
15 skill points:  both health regenerations increased by at least 30%

Natures Rage
Now correctly imparts half the rage buff, instead of the full rage buff.

10 skill points: Allows health stealing when doing damage.

Physical and Fire elemental armor values swapped.
Physical armor does not benefit from Hellfire.

All castable pet attacks now use the players damage for their damage % calculations.
Increased the cast speed of some dragon / netherwarrior attacks.
All AI set to 'normal'.

Removed the minimum range on the pets fireball skills.

Changed the wording to say 'when casting the field'
Increased Essence And Fire reward at 15 skill points to 5, from 2.

Skill restructuring
Moving skills around on the pages.
This process will make sure you do not lose any skill points as I move forward.
It WILL mess with the paladin visually until its complete.
I will not be changing requirements for the skills, nor renaming them, or changing them YET.  Getting this all worked up.  The paladin update is going into active mode!
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