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Need some help with some mods
« on: October 17, 2014, 06:55:19 PM »
So, i've been playing with Synergies since it came out, just never came to the forums.
Recently started playing Torchlight 2 again after a long break because of Diablo 3, and need some help with Synergies in response with other mods.
Here is my mod list
Pet and Fishing Overhaul
General Passives DSP
LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition
Higher than level 100 items V1.11
Level and fame mod
More skill points per level mod1
Simple HUD
Synergies MOD
Thrasher's Armory

Now, for some reason Pet and Fishing overhaul, and Simple HUD do not work at all.
General Passives DSP works, but only for the vanilla characters and not Synergies characters. (Which I could be wrong, but it should since the general passives are the same for all the characters).
The most annoying issue however, is any magic or above item I pick up, has 2 sets of stats. So the basic stats it would normally have, and what seems like a mirrored or different set of stats attached to it. So it's something like:
+7 damage
+2 HP on hit
+1%cold damage
+1%fire damage
+1% lightning damage
And than a second set on the weapon. after I post this I will post a screenshot as well. But it's really frustrating and makes picking loot I want to wear overwhelming as hell.
Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place, if it is please move as needed! Thank you all for the help. :)
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