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Ranger Build, The bleeder
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:11:58 AM »
Hey Guys!

Salan first of all thank you so much for the Ranger Class.  I am having a blast with it.  It is a very fun class and the best imo of synergies.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of playtime, this build is a WIP.  I'm trying to level it legit and I haven't hit the raids yet.  I plan on keeping this post up to date as I progress.  Currently I am at level 88.

The core of the build is Thorns and using DOTs.  Due to the dynamics of this game and based on the forums dots from sockets and weapons stack and are effected by focus (even the physical ones).  Dots do not stack from skills I.E. Thorns (15 points) or Slashing Wounds.  This can be found here:  So running up to the enemy and unleashing thorns (like a point blank range shotgun), the weapon dots and socketables quickly stack a lot of damage.  The weakness of the build of course is reflect, and I have a solution to that: Bombardment and Closure.  Some of the benefits of this build is not worrying too much about crit damage or crits since DOTs do not crit.  It simplifies on which stats and affixes you need to concentrate on for gearing.

A negative with this build currently is it doesn't use the buff bar fully (just parry is useful), though that might change as I keep altering the build.



4 focus, 1 dex
str = USELESS (DOTs don't crit)

Skills (Made the cut)

15 Slashing Wounds
Why:  Great DOT, scales with focus, and has Immobilization resistance

15 Thorns
Why:  This is our Bread and Butter Skill.  With its very high fast casting speed you can stack DOTs (socketables and enchantments only) like there is no tomorrow; in addition, each thorn is its own attack, which means a lot of stacking and damage.  At 5 points it helps you add to your nature counter's.  At 15 points it provides a big poison DOT.  Please note this skill does not work with Gift of Renewal, but that is fine because if it did it would be WAYYYY overpowered.  If your bow happens to have elemental damage then it's damage scales with focus.  Remember because thorns is a %DPS skill it will do that percentage of the DOT also.  Word of caution, be careful against enemies with reflect.

15 Tree of Life
Why:  Health and Mana Regen, enough said.  This is our third best defensive skill.

15 Nature's Blessing
Why:  More Health and Damage reduction.  Our best defensive skill.

15 Gift of Renewal
Why:  This skill almost did not make the cut or even the full 15 points invested.  But, with closure it acts like a small potion and burst heal.

15 Bombardment
Why:  Damage Increase Debuff, scales with focus, works against reflect.  Going the 15 makes sense, to get double the hit.  It does not use your DOTs or Gift of Renewal.

15 Closure
Why:  Our second best defensive skill.  It probably should be on any ranger build imo.  Outside of this build it provides so much damage debuffs it helps with our survivability.  With this build, it works with everything.  It does damage, uses all of your DOTs, works with Gift of Renewal (acts as a quick heal with more enemies), AOE, and groups your enemies together so you can easily unleash thorns on a nice clump of enemies.

14 Storm Warning
Why:  Movement speed buff is nice, but the stun and knockback resistance is a better reason to take this skill.  The 14 points could change depending on how the rest of the build flushes out.

1 Gift of Nature
Why:  One point should be enough to get you 25 nature counter's quickly.

Skills being considered

Nature's Rage
Why:  The +Damage modifier still works with DOTs and the rest of your damage.  I'm waiting to hit level 92 to see how useful this skill will be.

Nature's Vengeance
Why:  I think this will be like closure and work with everything.  I haven't used this skill at all yet, but if it works like I hope it will, then this might make the cut.

Giant Killer
Why:  I haven't used it enough at the later levels to see if its useful.

Why:  Though it doesn't do a ton of damage, it still adds to it.  It has a nice long 1 minute buff so you don't have to stop and constantly recast.

Storm Front
Why:  The storm counters improve Storm warning.

Breathing Room:
Why:  The blind could be useful, maybe just 10 points just for that.

Skills that did not make the cut

Rites of the Sun/Moon:
Why:  During leveling the pets are very nice.  They help soak up damage and provide some very good damage.  As your skills come into their own, the pets become less useful.  The Rites of the Moon still isn't finished as the Tier III bonus isn't known.

Tree of Lightning and Roots:
Why:  Also, lackluster in this build.  They do not do a lot of damage for the point investment.  In addition, at least on my gaming rig Tree of Roots seriously lags my game when there are a lot of enemies and it fires off its roots.

Majority of the Storm Tree:
Why:  Lacks the additional damage for the justification of point investment and time wasted casting some of the buffs.  When you unload thorns into an enemy these storm skills aren't needed.

End Game Gear 
Not there yet



-Keep 1 point into thorns until you can invest 5 skill points in one go.  This will help with mana.  Once you have 5 you can decide to wait until you can do 10 or wait further until 15.  Depends on your mana situation.
-Constantly invest into slashing wounds.
-1 point into Old Growth
-1 point into bombardment / invest only when you hit the next tier
-1 point into Nature's Blessing / constantly invest
-1 point into Gift of Rewenal / invest if you have leftover
-1 point into Tree of Life / constantly invest
-1 point into Closure / invest only at the next tier or you can wait until you can put in 15
-1 point into Storm Warning / invest if you have leftover

Next is the gear, please remember DOTs do not crit.  So the following stats take the lowest priority: STR, CRIT Chance, CRIT Damage


Priority of stats

1: DOTs (these should be always be your socketables)
2: +Elemental Damage
3: +%Damage
4: DPS
5: The rest

When enchanting pick poison and try to get convey damage unless you have 15 in thorns, then move to Fire and try to get burning.

As you are able to use table mountain gear you will encounter bows/crossbows that have elemental damage use those, this takes precedence over DOT enchantments unless the DOT enchantments are very high in damage.


Don't worry too much about sets util you get up there in level and can buy one from table mountain

Priority of stats

1: DR (Usually your socketable, but you can find gear with it)
2: +Health (Secondary socketable if no DR)
3: DOT
4: Focus
5: +%damage
6: +elemental damage
7: The rest


Last slot your choice, I'm using a table mountain bow (elemental damage) so I'm using Marksmanship
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Re: Ranger Build, The bleeder
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2014, 02:08:26 PM »
Just started playing this mod and am very interested in making a DoT ranger.  You said Slashing Wounds scales with focus... are you sure?  I'm just wary about dumping all of my points into focus and relying mostly on weapon stats/sockets and one non-stackable DoT skill...


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Re: Ranger Build, The bleeder
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2014, 08:12:26 PM »
I'm pretty sure, though based on that thread it claims most DOTs from skills stack with focus.  I'm guessing there are skills in the game that DOTs do not stack with focus.  I'm sure the electric part does though, but I also take slashing wounds due to the immobilization defensive buff.

With just weapon DOTs, enchantments, and socketables those all stack with focus plus I use bombardment.

Since thorns is a quick firing skill it will stack a lot of damage.  At level 70 I can easily stack 30-40k a second quickly.


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Re: Ranger Build, The bleeder
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2014, 09:44:48 PM »
OK cool, thanks.  I've been trying the DoT build, it's not bad.  I'm kind of curious about how a full storm tree ranger would fare too... I might tinker with that soon. 


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Re: Ranger Build, The bleeder
« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2014, 09:50:05 AM »
I have made a massive update to this build.

I'm still playing and having a lot of fun :).  I'm just taking my time so please bear with me.