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Re: Patch 1200 now live
« Reply #30 on: November 03, 2014, 05:24:25 PM »
I personally am not ready for T2, but I love the seasonal quests, last year's and this year's... I think its a great Idea. I am concerned about 1 thing though:
T2 will be the last content i make for this mod.
  I sincerely hope you (Salan) will continue to support and develop the mod after T2 is finalized. Which I understand is a long way away, and even if T2 will be the final tier, dont let a bad apple put you off on sticking with the mod. I love the fact that you have continued to support and develop this mod as alot of mod developers halfway finish there mods or release buggy mods and disappear.

People need to understand it is a TEST dungeon, and that it is no where near, what T2 will be like when its finished it is a Work in Progress. Furthermore, Salan brought in this new seasonal quest as a request. We had one last year during this time, and I thought it was a great Idea to bring another back. Frankly I think we could use more seasonal quests or events. But as I said it is a Test Dungeon and anytime something new is implemented especially bosses it takes some tweaking and tuning to get right, and further more T2 is ment for the best of the best of T1 gear just like T1 requires the best T0 gear for your build maxed out with soulcrafting enchants etc.

1 more thing people (Seikusa) needs to realise, and I hinted at this above, alot of mod developers release a mod and disappear just the fact that Salan is involved with his community and likes feedback does not mean you should abuse that situation. He doesnt get paid to do this.... I find Salan's interaction with his community, the way he strives to make the best mod possible, and listens to feedback, bar none way better support and interaction, than you get from even Triple A developers.

Salan thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and I hope you continue to support and develop this mod way into the future!
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Re: Patch 1200 now live
« Reply #31 on: November 03, 2014, 05:40:08 PM »
I think Salan has mentioned earlier to us that T2 was/is going to be the final tier for quite some time after it is done.

There is a lot of things that Salan said he wants to complete that he can spend time on after T2 is done anyway, such as the questline to unlock the enchanters etc, so theres still a lot of things to be added after T2 :), which will make it even more fun :D
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Re: Patch 1200 now live
« Reply #32 on: November 03, 2014, 06:03:05 PM »
I updated to 1201 and only unsubscribed so I won't lose my chance to see this content. Unless there may be a separate addon for these limited time quests? That would be bad ass.

Either way, excellent work Salan, fk the naysayers! <3


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Re: Patch 1200 now live
« Reply #33 on: November 04, 2014, 02:21:57 PM »
The t2 will be the last addition I will make to level content for sure.  I could keep going forever.

I want to make more classes and more game systems, and while boss mechanics and fights are fun and all they take too much time to allow for the others.  I was lucky to sneak the ranger in.

For instance on my to do list:

Paladin update
Elementalist pet class
A new gear slot, Runes.  and this is a huge undertaking.
Update Handcrossbows and Throwing weapons for GUTS, they were all made preguts and don't integrate in well.

Remake Embersteps and alternative leveling
Make Tablemountain quest related
Quests for Tier1 and Trolls

Turn the mod into a story line...
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Re: Patch 1200 now live
« Reply #34 on: November 04, 2014, 03:34:29 PM »
Sounds awesome, I understand T2 will be the last of the tiers... I was just stating that I hope you (Salan) will continue to do other things with the mod after the tiers were done... I know it has been mentioned before the unlocking enchanters through quests and upgrading table mountain. I also remember seeing that you want to make it into a kind of act 5, it could be considered act 5 already, but a story line would be great!

I can't wait for the paladin to be finished either, I waiting till it completed to make one, just like Im doing with the ranger. (In D2 I maxed chars every single time the ladder reset and always had a Necro, and Paladin ((Hammerdin ;))) I know your classes are a bit different from their D2 counter parts but those are still my favorite classes. Before your mod I used to play an outlander on here but it was not that viable besides a Glaivelander in Synergies content, until you recently added the missle reflect debuff. Might make another one soon, but I think I might try a Ranger until Paladin gets done....

 My main is still gonna be my necro tho, finding the soulstones I need to upgrade my T0 gear so I can do T1 is taking forever, Which I use LowPop but even after I started using HighLoot I still havent found but 1 in about a hundred runs. I hope your recent update to T0 soulstones drop rate helps,  but idk if it ups the chance of getting one within highloot too?

Damn... just realised how far I got off track. Just sayin, Salan, I am ecstatic that you will continue to support and develop the mod after all the tiers are complete. You sir, have made the best TL2 mod already, and its awesome watching it continue to develop. Thank you for all your hard work...
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