Author Topic: Electro-Thorns Ranger (Levelling build, in progress)  (Read 11923 times)


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Re: Electro-Thorns Ranger (Levelling build, in progress)
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2015, 04:21:05 PM »
Right now I'm using almost the same spec:


100 STR
55 DEX
280 FOC
100 VIT

Pistol + Shield

15 Thorns
15 Electrocute
15 Slashing Wounds
15 Closure
15 Lightning Tree
15 Nature's Blessing
15 Gift of Renewal (very awesome with Closure)
15 ThunderStorm
13 Storm Front
1 Old Growth
1 Storm Warning

15 ? <<<< This is a big problem right now since I really dont know what to take here. I tried Breathingroom which I don't like this much coz of the animation, Tree of Life is okayish for the reg BUT it takes like years until it has grown to start healing u which is for lategame raiding crucial. Lightning Strike doesn't overall convince me for the flat DMG. Giant Killer is meeeh somehow, Nature's Rage and Vengeance are IMO not needed and not worthy thought I don't underestimate their usefullness they both don't really contribute anything REALLY special to the build, same as Tree of Roots. I'm testing ATM Storm Surge which is IMO the best way to go. It synergizes very well with Storm Warning and Storm Front and since most of this build is lightning based the +20% bonus to lightning dmg can help a lot! Furthermore it does have a fast cast time and animation which is okay.

Any ideas or experiences are appreciated! :)