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Class idea... (no name yet)
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:17:13 AM »
Hi everybody,

first of all, I'm from germany so pls excuse my english.

I love anime/Manga/etc. and I draw pretty much in my free Time and of course I like Torchlight. So I'm pretty bad at programming (don't even know, if this is an english word xD), so I thought I could just write my Idea down.

It's a kind of Battle Mage with focus on defence.
Special for this class is, that he/she can use Shields in both hands, also I thought about a 2 Handed-Shield (like 2-handed Hammers or Swords, but .. yeah... Shields).

This Mage concentrates an Metal/Steel and Darkness Magic.
There shoud be skills, which need skill Points in other Skilltrees, so some Skills can be "combined".

Weapons the class can use:
2-handed Swords/Hammers/etc. (no Guns or any kind of long Distance weapons)
Shields (as already mentioned)

Can use any kind of Armor.

Starting Stat Points:
Strength: 15
Focus: 5
Dextery: 5
Vitality: 20
(So Focus here is clearly Vitality and Strength)

1. Skill Tree:
Of Course there has to be some sort of attack skills, even when he/she is an defensiv type.
I thought about some skills:(but it's not pretty much)
- Hitting hard with a shield and stun for 1 second
- Use the Steel Magic and create a blade for some time on your shield (deal more DMG for a time duration)
- Throw your Shield/s like cpt. America. Both Shields do dmg and both hit the Enemies away
- Jumps and uses the Power of the Jump to create a crate (don't know if this is the right word for that what i mean) in front of him/her.

2. Skill Tree:
the second and third Skill Tree are essential.
The second skill tree focuses on Defense.
- Passiv skills:
-- Iron Skin: boosts the Armour in %
- Activ skills:
-- absolute Defense: create a flying shield around you (blocks a specific amount of DMG) as soon the skill hits lvl 3 there are 3 shields around you.
-- Warrior: creates a flying sword around you (attacks all enemys that come near you) as soon the skill hits lvl 3 there are 3 Swords around you.
-- Special Armour: creates a new Armour for the Player, which has an own durability, but has also a high cooldown. (10 Minutes or even more.)

3. Skill Tree:
The third skill tree focuses on the Darkness element.
- Passiv skills:
-- Essence: Passivly reduces max. Mana, boosts max. Health instead.
-- Drain: Mana will be drained by incoming DMG by % (like: you take 90 DMG instead of 100 because of 10% Drain, so you lose Mana to when you get hit.)
- Activ Skills:
-- Pierce: throws shadow needles at enemys (getting more in numbers the more skill points the skill get)
-- Taunt: taunting an enemy for a duration of time. (Enemy attacks only him/her)
-- Shadow walk: can pass through objects or walls. (Smth-like a teleport over a short distance. doesn't do Dmg at all, but can dodge attacks)
-- Rage: hits faster for a short Time and heal yourself with every hit you make!

That's just some skills... if you have more ideas, pls feel free to post them. I hope you like my Class Idea, also if anyone knows how to name the Class pls tell me =D