Author Topic: I really dig this class, my feedback on Paladin.  (Read 2203 times)


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I really dig this class, my feedback on Paladin.
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:38:56 PM »
I made a Paladin, hooked him up with a full Juggernaut set. After playing around with some skills to test them out I've come to some current conclusions/feedback from playing:

My current build


Hammer of Reckoning holy crap the damage of this skill is unbelievable  :o
Lay on Hands huge "OH CRAP" button for taking damage, but doesn't help much against elemental damage just physical.
Abolition good small AoE skill to use in conjunction with Hammer of Reckoning.
Blessing of Power great melee damage buff/boost
Righteous Charge this skill made all the difference with me for killing the Subjugator boss at the end of Darkness Falls. It's an amazing fast damage and movement dash ability.


Divine Bulwark huge help when you are getting hit a lot to have this reactive go off adding tons of physical and elemental resists.
Smite and Rebuke two separate passives that give you a chance to strike your target with additional fire or electric damage. Great help for dps output.
Sanctified Fury chance to hit 3 nearby enemies after you crit with lightning bolts.


Angelic Embrace I know this isn't finished yet but 1 point gets you tier 3 of the ability to summon guardian angel minion dude. He helps a little but serves more as a distraction for end game stuff.
1 point in Righteous Victory put 1 point in this because it gives me a 3% chance to completely fill my charge bar (which affects damage of Abolition) when I kill an enemy.

I expected the Paladin to be my tank/defensive/lots of HP/take a lot of damage toon but when I watched a video of the DPS of a Warlock vs Paladin I was very impressed with the DPS output a Paladin can do. When I got him lvl 100 and geared with T0 stuff I was amazed how he became my highest DPS toon so far. I think my highest damage done is 1.9 million! Abolition, Hammer of Reckoning, and Righteous Charge all seem to work incredibly nice together along with the passives Paladins get for increased damage and resists.


I really think you guys should just complete the current skill tiers but a few abilities need some help. Consecration for example is AMAZING low level, but lvl 90+ and end game stuff it is useless. Like what others have said for feedback in other posts I think the Death Sentence ability should be changed or removed to support something shield related. Dual Wield isn't a Paladin thing really. So maybe more focus on shield love for the Paladin, and while I seem to be doing ok with my current skills for handling AE I think maybe there could be some room to improve AE skills/damage.

Good job though can't wait to see this class finished :D


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Re: I really dig this class, my feedback on Paladin.
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2015, 12:09:50 PM »
It was always my opinion that hammer of reckoning was not balanced in any way shape or form.

when 1 skill, by itself, can do more then most classes with most of their skills dedicated in that direction it is not a good sense of balance.   The current hammer of reckoning is actually a much much lowered amount then it use to be, was the first thing I changed when I took over the paladin.

I did some paladin work last night, will continue doing some today.
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Re: I really dig this class, my feedback on Paladin.
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2015, 07:39:58 PM »
Oh in no way did I expect it to stay like that haha  :P even without that skill class is pretty cool, I like the changes you've done in the other Paladin update post today.