Author Topic: Question: Tier 0 Crafting and enchantment changes  (Read 1201 times)


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Question: Tier 0 Crafting and enchantment changes
« on: February 24, 2015, 08:37:28 AM »
I'm confused as i read somewhere enchanting changed as was talking about how crafting takes up slots

i'm wondering if i can still

Soundbound twice to the 8% DR + 500 hp. Then do enchantments (e.g. adding up to 3 stats/ gem slots etc).

Or have i got confused and that is two different things. An nothing has "changed".

i'm currently in the process of getting a full Tier 0 sets (well im kinda collecting them all as a result of random drops)

While I not sure on changes, however i feel that Soul Stones are way too low of a drop rate in tier 0.

Compared to how many you need to upgrade, it was/might be more grindy than 1-100 to even upgrade one set.

I feel it needs buffing (again haven't tested current build) as pointless unchallenging grind is bad.

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Re: Question: Tier 0 Crafting and enchantment changes
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2015, 09:40:38 AM »
Enchanting is different when you start progressing to T1, but you can read all about that in the T1 sub-forum.

T0 items are enchanted just like Uniques and normal stuff, and you can add sockets to them as well (Max of a total 2 sockets on every item tho, so cant have 3 or 4).

When you do Soulcrafting, the original piece of gear disappears and is replaced with an improved version(But it has no enchants or sockets) so before you do that you should remove any skulls you have socketed and have money so you can enchant the improved item.

Soulstones are annoying i agree, but you should get the required amount rather fast if you kill T0 bosses relatively easy, i think i had about 2-4 Soul stones per hour when i last checked, ofc its not really all that fun, but you know you are getting a guaranteed upgrade to your gear when you have enough, so it definitely is worth it.
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Re: Question: Tier 0 Crafting and enchantment changes
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 11:54:20 AM »