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Tier 1 Set Bonuses Reference by Thatmg
« on: March 01, 2015, 05:11:49 PM »

I thought it be cool if someone posted T1 sets so that people can see them and they can play/decide what armour they want/need

Sorry for screen stretch if i new how to do a better layout i would (if it possible to edit my post you can to make it better sorry)

(items not for trade, stats show just so you can see what they give as it static but values change)

Baneful Phoenix

Wrathful Phoenix

Vile Incognito

Dreadful Incognito

Tempered Brimstone

Smouldering Brimstone

Hardened Brimstone

Reactive Aftermath

Residual Aftermath

Pious Angelic

Holy Angelic

Harrowing Eclipse

Prophesied Eclipse

Foreboding Eclipse

Dire Draconic

Savage Draconic

Flesavir's Foul

Moniker's Mimicry
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