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Paladin build.
« on: April 27, 2015, 06:57:58 AM »
Hey guys an new to the forum and just been looking around and notice there is much on build for paladin, and I thought I would share mine, I'm currently doing t0 raids, with still some trouble but I can do,

This build should be viable for, dw, 2handers' and swords and board,
I personally am using sword and board atm.

Stats go as,
100 str
100 dex
The rest into focus,

Skills, NOT. IN ORDER,


Lay on hands 15/15
Grants a major heal, deffenatily a life savor, and a bonus shield when maxed, what's not to love,

Consecration 15/15
A good heal and good damage

Hammer of reckoning 15/15
Your main damaging skill, does major damage, I am currently crit ting for any from 400k-600k

Aura of radiance 15/15
This a great aura gives some damage, and can activate Passives, ( rebuke, sanctified fury)


Divine bulwark 15/15
At 30% chance to cash when you get hit, it's a good bonus WEHN giving 45% damage reduction!

Rebuke 15/15
Decent damage when it prods, and as stated does proc with aura of radiance which when crits also activates sanctified fury

Sanctified fury, 15/15
Great for trash mobs, can clear areas fast!  Activates on ANY crit!!!

Justicars zeal /15 not sure how many points as of yet am still working on the build,
But with your hammer of reckoning, it does proc often

With the rest of your points, I would recommend, blessing of pretection or swift justice, depends if you need health, or of you want to be leaping around everywhere.

I know the paladin is in rework atm but this build is what I am using in the meantime, and is doing really well,

I'm currently working on what end game set to be using, and will keep posted with what I find the best to use,

I hope you guys find this useful, and if you have any suggestions please let me know,

Thanks darkdawn!


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Re: Paladin build.
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2015, 08:19:27 AM »
I have changed my Wep, and have moved to 2hand as my damage has scaled up with crits by 300k!!
And will try the juggernaut end games set out, will post what skulls I am using once I finish