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Class Stats/General Questions
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:28:21 PM »
Basically I'm losing internet for a while and got synergies/tl2 to play over the dead times, and I haven't played in years so:

I have no idea what class I'm going to end up playing, so what are the general stats I want to get on all class's to be able to farm t1/t1.5?

I heard 200vit is needed for everyone and around 130 dex for enchants, after that it's fine to just max class specific?

Also, are paladin/necromancer/warlock 100% complete now? Any other new class's that are 100% complete?

Thanks ahead of time for the help.


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Re: Class Stats/General Questions
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2015, 04:03:11 AM »
If you want to reach the current "end-game" (hardest content) Darkness Falls, any character is recommended to have 200 VIT and 100-130 DEX, reason being: +100 VIT mythical sockets gives you more benefit than the +2200 HP mythical sockets, and 100-130 DEX gives you a lot of +dodge/+crit chance for the 100-130 points, after that each point has too much diminishing returns to be worth it. Visit this thread for info on stats etc:

Warlock is a complete class, it is also the current best and easiest class for Darkness Falls, with Berserker a very close second place (Will be harder transitioning from T0 to T1 with Berserker than with Warlock). The Paladin is going through changes atm to make it viable for Darkness Falls, it is ATM complete garbage, might be some time before the changes go through tho as it seems like Salan is on unannounced vacation atm (havent seen him around for 27 days now)

So basically avoid Embermage and Paladin, would also say avoid Outlander, the other classes can do well enoughto finish everything in Darkness Falls (except for the Ranger, i dont have enough info about the ranger to know if its viable or not, have done some testings but didnt manage to make it perform at a good enough levelto call it viable)
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