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New Here : Embermage Question
« on: July 03, 2015, 01:02:22 AM »
Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to Synergies Mod, or at least to the endgame content. I've read up on everything as far as gearing, crafting, etc. for endgame. My question is, from what I've been seeing, a lot of people have said Embermage really isn't that great for endgame. At the moment I'm running a Frost Wave/Hailstorm Combo. Also have Immolation aura thrown in there and I'm @ 75% DR with around 20k HP. I can absolutely shred through DK, Tier 0 raid. I've ventured into Tier 0.5 area and can manage myself pretty well, still able to blow mobs up, however the squishiness is starting to show. If I'm not paying attention ill be 1-2 hit easily. Then after clearing, I decided to jump into Darknessfalls area just to test it out. I'm pretty much 1 shot if I allow a mob to hit me. I went and killed abe.. after about 10-15 deaths because that was an absolute shitstorm for me. I know my gear is mediocre right now, but is embermage viable endgame? Or is another build more viable? If there's other classes that are significantly more viable, what are they? Thanks for the help!