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D3 UI mod
« on: September 06, 2015, 08:29:54 AM »

just wanted to share Diablo 3 UI mod. Its based on mod by andyjhb. Here on forums are some mods with this UI, but it seems like copy paste without fix for graphics. I added few skill tab icons for Necromancer. This mod is for SynergiesMOD, but it should be compatible with other mods (but some UI mods will override this mod!).

Also added particle effect for Ice shield (stormshield) and pretty damage font.
Stormshield (v.67)
PrettyDamage (v.4)


- new Shared Stash UI with 2000 slots for items (50 pages) and 400 slots for consumables and spells
- fixed loading screens for TL2 and Synergies
- fixed spacing or stretched images (UI layout)
- fixed Gem Saver crash game
- added necromancer icons for skill tab
- added warlock charge bar icon
- adjusted a lot of UI elements :)
- this mod should work for any UI scale

Please try to report any bugs for this mod  8)

Hope you enjoy this mod and BIG thanks to Salan for creating such a great mod.
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