Author Topic: How to import modded skills into GUTS?  (Read 711 times)


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How to import modded skills into GUTS?
« on: October 17, 2015, 05:41:34 PM »
I've decided to try and get familiar with modding for future, with Torchlight 2 being very user friendly (at least in my experience). Just like with programming, I learned most thing by analyzing and observing finished things, so I figured this would be a place to start. I successfully added vanilla skills to a finished custom class with ease, but had problem importing custom skills from Synergies (embermage reworked LightningStorm). Basically I want to add a finished custom skill to a finished custom class mod. You can unpack mods with unpacker utility, but you can't open two at the same time. Is it possible, to add modded files to the core assets/files that GUTS uses in order to clone and edit skills, units, ...? How to find custom skills in unpacked files on disk?


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Re: How to import modded skills into GUTS?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 04:29:09 AM »
You cannot in a simple way.

What I'm doing usually (when i want to work on top of synergies) is this :

I create a first mod, in which are included all the Synergies files. This allows me to do whatever change I want, even if it uses Synergies files, because all the bindings are there.
Then I create a second mod, in which there is no Synergies file. But, I look at the modification date, and include there (this means copy/pasting basically) all the text files (the binary ones are automatically generated - only text files matter) that have been created or modified by my session.

This way, I develop on the first mod, and I release the second mod. And the second mod contains only the files you have created/modified.
This means that users still need Synergies to run your mod (otherwise, there might be some weird issue - like the game not finding an ability, and replacing it by a default one for example). But the big advantage is that you don't include Synergies in your mod, so people don't have the extra 50 MB to download everytime.
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