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The chronomancer (time mage)
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Class introduction

The chronomancer is a versatile class all about controlling time, their skill trees are fleshed out much further down and are as follows:

1) Timekeeper -  defensive or supportive spec built around slowing the enemy and debuffing them - depending on what skills you use and how you use them you could be a tank or a supportive melee through slowing incoming damage instead of just reducing the amount. This encourages people to move out of the way and is less reliant on the armour system that TL2 has.

2) Reaper - an offensive spec built around speeding you up and draining life, it's a lot more fun in full than just this snippet makes it sound. Has a lot of mobility and great single target abilities at the cost of relying on a risky ability for self-healing.

3) Disciple of Chronos - the third spec is a mix of a lot of things - mainly summons and survivability.

Explanations of mechanics and possible abilities can be found below, any feedback at all is helpful - things will not be balanced yet so bear that in mind.

The charge bar

For a short time after the charge bar fills up your character will be completely immune to damage of any kind as well as healing - when the buff ends the amount that you would have been healed for is subtracted from the damage and you take the remainder.

On top of that there are two other factors for charge, the first is that all healing received during the effect is increased by 25% so that when the time comes for the buff to end you aren't punished too much for not knowing how much damage you would have taken + so it's a guaranteed positive outcome. The second factor is that one of the passives in the 3rd tree means that you build up a large amount of charge whenever you are attacked while on low HP (with a cooldown to prevent immortality).

Timekeeper (defence and support)

Active abilities:

1) Blast from the past: a reverse charge, an enemy is dragged to you and you are healed for 5% of your maximum health + they are silenced for a few seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Tier 1) 50% chance to blind the enemy for 5 seconds (up to 100% at rank 15)

Tier 2) 50% chance to freeze the enemy for 5 seconds (up to 100% at rank 15)

Tier 3) 100% chance to stun the enemy regardless of immunity for 1 second.

2) Sorrow: force an enemy to recall a nightmarish moment from their past, slowing their attack and casting speed while weakening their armour for a short time. 30 second cooldown.

Tier 1) Adds moderate damage.

Tier 2) 100% chance to make them flee in fear for a few seconds.

Tier 3) They go mad 50% of the time, they apply a debuff to themselves that guarantees their death but also a charm effect. Essentially turns them into a short lived pet.

3) Intervention: interrupt an enemy while buffing your armour and debuffing their cast speed. 20 second cooldown, buffs and debuffs last for 10 seconds.

Tier 1: Cast speed now affects nearby enemies.

Tier 2: Armour buff now affects nearby allies.

Tier 3: Increases mana regen of allies.

4) Time's up: Charge at an enemy and deal moderate damage. If they are below 20% health then then the damage is tripled, if you are also below 20% health then the damage ends up at 500% of the original. 1 minute cooldown.

Tier 1: If they die from the damage then you are healed for 50% of your maximum health

Tier 2: Remove the requirement for them to be below 20% health (damage bonus from your 20% stays at 500%

Tier 3: If they die from the damage then nearby allies gain a shield for 10% of your maximum health

5) You shall not pass: make an enemy immune to damage and healing while immobilising and silencing them. Lasts 5 seconds with a 40 second cooldown.

Tier 1: They are stunned for 2 seconds after the immunity ends.

Tier 2: Damage over time effects still damage them.

Tier 3: Damage immunity is reduced from 100% to 75%.

6) Secured future: sacrifice 30% of your maximum health and mana to restore 10% to your allies while giving them a buff that slows the attack speed of enemies that hit them. 3 minute cooldown, buff lasts 20 seconds while debuff lasts for 30.

Tier 1: Boosts restoration to 20% and sacrifice to 40%.

Tier 2: Increases the power of the debuff to 30% attack speed reduction (from 15%).

Tier 3: Extends the debuff duration to 1 minute.

7) Deceleration: create a zone with a 3 meter radius that slows down the attack, cast and movement speed of anything that enters it by 80% (including you and your allies). Cooldown is 4 minutes, lasts 15 seconds.

Tier 1: Increase radius to 4 meters

Tier 2: Halt enemy health regeneration within the zone

Tier 3: Enemies takes frost damage equivalent to what their regeneration would be

Passive abilities:

1) Farseer: with knowledge of possible futures, increase the chance to reflect spells (maxing at 30% spell reflect chance at 60% damage ).

2) Time heals all wounds: increased health and mana regen, up to 3% of each per second. Final rank gives you 20% bonus movement speed at full health.

3) Surprises: when something unexpected comes along, you are both shocked and thrilled. Whenever you are critically hit you gain a 1% bonus to critical hit chance and damage for 5 seconds (1% per invested point so 15 max). Stacks up to 3 times.

Stat distribution would be an something like 2 in strength with 3 in vitality. The timekeeper spec is very much made for team play though it could do decent damage too with some defensive sacrifice + a bit of crit investment.

Disciple of Chronos (summons and survivability)

This spec is meant to be borrowed from rather than being a summoner spec as synergies raids rip pets apart + pet AI is not great in TL2.

Active abilities:

1) The father's revenge: For 5 seconds whenever you are hit you teleport behind the closest enemy and instantly auto-attack them. 1 minute cooldown.

Tier 1) Extend to 10 seconds.

Tier 2) Each attack during the buff decreases the enemy's elemental armour.

Tier 3) Add a small amount of poison damage to allied attacks.

2) Champion's return: Summon your future self to help fight for you. Your future self possesses the first skill from each tree. They last until they die, 5 minute cooldown.

Tier 1: They gain 5% life steal to you.

Tier 2: You learn from your future self - gaining a 4% boost to damage of all kinds as well as block, dodge, crit chance, crit damage and attack speed.

Tier 3) Any damage you or your future self takes is mirrored, but they also deal 20% of your damage.

3)The child's rebuttal: teleport to somewhere within view, dealing electrical damage to any enemies between the two locations. Costs 15% of maximum mana. 15 second cooldown.

Tier 1) Increases mana cost to 50% but allows you to teleport again for free as many times as you want within 5 seconds.

Tier 2) Increase cooldown to 20 seconds and add a stun (through immunity) lasting 1 second wherever you teleport from and too.

Tier 3) Mana cost goes up to 90% but you gain 5% back for every enemy within 3 meters of your starting location and frost damage is added. Free teleports also give back mana.

4) Rise of the phoenix: part the tides of time to allow the immortal phoenix to once again enter the physical plane. The phoenix gives you temporary fire immunity while adding fire damage to the attacks of you and your allies. When it dies the phoenix returns home, leaving a fiery explosion in it's wake. 5 minute cooldown, lasts until the phoenix dies.

Tier 1) The phoenix learns from it's friend the dragon of time, adding an armour melting debuff to it's attacks.

Tier 2) All magical damage done is increased by 10% while the phoenix is out, affects allies.

Tier 3) when a nearby ally dies the phoenix will dive-bomb in and resurrect them at the cost of 90% of it's max health. If the phoenix dies from this there is no explosion and instead the resurrected ally gains extra health and mana regeneration for a short time.

5) Cracked hourglass: surround yourself with a swirling shroud of magical glass and sand, dealing minor damage while applying random debuffs to enemies with a 20% chance to blind them per second as well as a 5% for fear, immobilisation, stun and elemental debuffs. Lasts 6 seconds with a cooldown of 18 seconds. Shroud extends 5 meters around you.

Tier 1) Add a 5% chance to stun.

Tier 2) increase proc chances to 40% and 10% respectively.

Tier 3) The shroud now only lasts 1 second but pulses 6 times during that second each acting as a second.

6) Fate's foe: charm an enemy below 10% HP and give it health regen 3x yours. lasts until they die, only 2 foes of fate can be created at a time. 15 second cooldown.

Tier 1) Cooldown down to 5 seconds.

Tier 2) Enrage targets, giving them an increase in casting and attack speed of 30%

Tier 3) 10% of the damage you take is now redirected to any charmed units under your control.

7) The final word: give an enemy the reversed version of your charge effect, stopping their hp from changing for 40 seconds but increasing the damage they take at the end by 25%. Requires you to have used "The frail and the strong" or "Time's up" within 5 seconds or nothing will happen. 2 minute cooldown

Tier 1) Now lasts 1 minute.

Tier 2) every time you use "the frail and the strong" or "time's up" during the debuff you are healed for 10% of your maximum health over 10 seconds

Tier 2) The tier 2 healing is also dealt as poison damage to all enemies within 15 meters, cooldown increased to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Passive abilities:

1) Accumulative rage: below 20% health you gain 15% charge for each 5% of your maximum health that you lose. Can only trigger 6 times in every 3 minutes.

2) Endless harvest: gain 1% damage and 2% crit damage when you have swords or axes equipped up to 15% and 30% respectively.

3) Jaded: when you are silenced, slowed or stunned you retaliate by instantly dealing 120% of your DPS to them up to 1800% at max. 20 second cooldown.

Reaper (damage and self buffing spec)

Active abilities:

1) The march of time: gain 10% movement speed, 20% slow and stun resistance and 4% attack speed as well as a % of your weapon DPS as frost and poison damage (10% of each - 25% of each at 15) for 30 seconds. 40 second cooldown.

Tier 1: changes to 20%, 40%, and 8%.

Tier 2: changes to 40%, 80%, and 16%.

Tier 3: changes to 80%, 100%, and % 32% + adds 5% health leech on hit.

2) The frail and the strong: charge at an enemy, dealing 250% of your weapon DPS as poison damage. A % equal to your movement speed bonus is added as frost damage. 2 minute cooldown

Tier 1) Increase from 250% to 300%.

Tier 2) Attack speed bonus % is added as electric damage.

Tier 3) 1 Second stun through immunity is added.

3) Scythes and sorcery: whirl around dealing physical damage for 5 seconds, chance to dodge is increased by 20% for the duration. 40 second cooldown.

Tier 1) Spell reflection chance is also increased by 20% for duration.

Tier 2) Duration increased to 7 seconds.

Tier 3) Adds a stacking bleed effect.

4) The fickle hourglass: stun an enemy for a minimum of 0 seconds. The closer they are to 50% of their maximum health the longer the stun up to a maximum of 5 seconds. Cooldown of 1 minute.

Tier 1) Gives you 5% movement speed for 10 seconds for every second they are stunned for.

Tier 2) 100% Chance to shatter shields + increase stun duration to 6 seconds.

Tier 3) gives you 5% attack speed for 10 seconds for every second they are stunned for

5) Fire of ancient suns: toggle-able, deal fire damage to all enemies within 5 meters of you, draining 5% of your total mana per second. Initially mutually exclusive with ability #6.

Tier 1) Mana cost reduced to 3%/sec.

Tier 2) Mana cost reduced to 1%/sec.

Tier 3) Remove mutual exclusivity with Frost of future winters.

6) Frost of future winters: toggle-able, every 10 seconds you deal heavy frost damage to enemies within a 10 meter radius of you and gain some crit chance based on the number of targets it hits for 5 seconds (2% per target). Initially mutually exclusive with ability #5. Drains 60% of your maximum mana per wave of frost damage.

Tier 1) Gives you, your pet and minions elemental resistance.

Tier 2) Adds a crit damage bonus equal to the crit chance bonus.

Tier 3) Removes mutual exclusivity with fire of ancient suns.

7) Harvest: Toggle-able, deal 5% of your weapon DPS to yourself as physical damage every second but gain 6% weapon DPS as life leech on hit. Max of 15% and 18% respectively. Requires a two handed weapon.

Tier 1) Also reduce your own armour while stealing their's.

Tier 2) Physical damage is changed to poison but your elemental resistance to every other element is doubled.

Tier 3) If you go below 10% health you instantly die but life leech is increased to 24%.

Passive abilities:

1) Moving ever forward: + 1% cast and movement speed (max 15% each).

2) The face of death: enemies that attack you have a chance to burst into flames, run away in fear or go mad and attack their friends. At rank 15: 5% chance to charm, burn or induce fear in enemies for 5 seconds, each has an individual 2 second cooldown).

3) Reaper's wrath: every time you dodge or reflect a spell all enemies within 5 meters of you are drawn slightly closer to you and are dealt 10% of your weapon DPS. requires you to have a two handed weapon equipped.

Thanks for reading everything if you have gotten this far, any feedback is appreciated. Balance is pretty much impossible due to the class being theoretical but regardless anything is good.
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