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Paladin skills, auras and damage reflection
« on: January 11, 2016, 11:45:30 PM »
Caveat: sorry I don't get the skill names right here, I'll fix them up in post-prod, all my searches online for lists of skill names just beat you over the head with the fact that's it's still a work in progress :D

Hi - just some questions about the paladin skills:

I'm getting lots of low level green items with +1 to one particular paladin skill (Righteous Cleave) - they don't seem to do anything?  There are no selectable skills?  Is it a passive?

When I respec my initial characters I think the necro and the paladin had a skill sitting there for their taskbar, but the warlock didn't?  Is this a free skill point, or if I ditch it will the character get messed up?

There are two auras - Aura of divinity and aura of retribution, which both have lines like:

Always enabled
Fire damage taken is increased by 4% for 6.5 seconds
Fire damage taken is increased by 6% for 6.5 seconds

(and likewise for lightning damage)

But neither of them seems to actually do anything?  If I have them on they'll do 1 point of damage to the training dummy every ~5 seconds or so - I assume this is some kind of area attack which tags them with some kind of curse/debuff?  Do I need to do a lot more fire/lightning damage with my base attack before I see any benefit?  They're available at a very low level, but don't seem to be useful for levelling?

Simbiotic Health has a description which reads something like: 70 health regen per second for 20 seconds, 100% chance to cast Symbiosis on death, 7% chance to cast Symbiosis when you get hit for 20 seconds.  It also hits the training dummy for 1 point every ~5 seconds.

I had it on my paladin, I put the other auras on too, so obviously I couldn't do any damage, but it felt like I was invulnerable.  So then I thought 'why not put some damage reflection gear on?'  And I could stand in the middle of the mobs laughing while they killed themselves.  Then later on I got a damage reflection skill (retribution?  Might be one of the scroll ones) ... and it all seemed to fall apart.  I don't know if there was some maximum number of auras and I exceeded it, or whether retaliatory damage doesn't stack (or stacks in strange ways), or maybe I just got to an area (still in act 1) where the monsters suddenly got a bit of damage reduction, and so all my little bits and pieces of damage reflection were being individually resisted (or something like that).

Here's how I think the skill works: an invisible ally* fires an expanding nova of a tiny bit of damage which has this curse attached to it, which triggers on the monster dying, which then has a (small) chance to cast a spell on the player, and it's that spell which has the super-regen for 20 seconds, and when that wears off you get that weird golden missile, which looks/sounds like someone invisible is firing a rocket at you.

*Yes, I used to lurk on phrozen-keep, can you tell?  ;-)

Now, another odd thing happened with that character, of course you're not going to kill bosses with chunks of 28 reflected damage, so I had to swing at it, and there was a point where they'd hit 40-50% health and then suddenly they'd go into this thing where they started losing very small amounts of health very rapidly.

I assume this is bleeding - e.g. 30 physical damage over 5 seconds?

And it looks like it stacks (?? I seem to recall bleeding in D2 wouldn't stack?), and I'm pretty sure it was caused by my attacking? ... But here's the kicker - none of my gear had any 'bleeding' type mods?  Is this a skill based thing?  Or do monsters just have a chance of bleeding every time they get struck after being 'bloodied' (in the D&D 4.0 sense of half health is bloodied).

Speaking of stacking - is it worth trying to stack damage reflection?  I don't mean 'worth it' in the sense of endgame worthy (which I'm pretty sure it isn't, I'm just trying to have some fun), I mean 'mechanically' worth it?  E.g. if I have 10 sources of reflection, does it just check the first one and ignore the rest?  Does it check skills first?  Gear first?  Does it add it all up and apply it as one lump, or as a bunch of little chunks which get individually resisted?
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