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1327+ dev notes
« on: May 18, 2017, 11:31:47 AM »
Respec Potion
Removed the Respec Potion from Synergies vendors, you should consider destroying yours.

Respec Vendor's
All respec vendors can now respec your skill points correctly, and fully
All respec vendors can now respec STAT points as well.
<<  these respec vendors only work on Vanilla classes and Synergies classes, will not work on other mod's classes >>

Respec vendor added to TableMountain.


Blessing of Alacrity
Tiers of Alacrity now increase the skill by a significant amount more then their previous investments.

Armor of Righteousness
Renamed Armor of Protection
Reworking the graphics involved with the skill
added correct documentation of skill

Broke the skill into tiers.
0pnt: % Damage taken reduction
5pnt: Fire defense, Lightning defense
10pnt: Ice defense, Poison defense
15pnt: Large bonus of each defense type.

increased the cost of the manacost_normal graph by 20%, will test this see if I leave it increased or not.

Fixed a bug that made its graphic go off when loading or upgrading.


Tree of Life
Reduced the ground shake duration to 1 second from 3.


Mana Missiles
Added a 1 second internal cooldown to the proc of the extra missiles.
Bringing the skill more in line with the rate of proc's from other warlock skills.
The value of the cooldown will be watched closely, and is open to more tweaking as needed.
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