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Synerdies crafting
« on: April 18, 2016, 01:12:22 AM »
Can someone explain the soulcrafting for me you dont get anything told ingame beside combine this with that, but what do i get when i combine things is it a random stat/affix or what, and is it like enchanting i shall do it alot time to get the right thing or how do it work?
and how do i get more that 1 socket in the darkness fall legendarys



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Re: Synerdies crafting
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Re: Synerdies crafting
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That information is mostly relevant for T1 (Darkness Falls), if you are looking for info on T0 crafting, you can check out this post:

It also contains a lot of good info for new players and even veteran players that might be returning :), however, the link to the crafting post written by Joe Chip is outdated and contains faulty information since it was actually changed, but you can still learn about the recipe to craft "Salan's Eternal Eye" (+7% DR Skull) and Chaos Ember Crafting which some has enjoyed to do for the chaotic results :P and it should still be the same recipe for those 2 recipes in todays version if i am not mistaken (haven't used those recipes in a long time now so might have been changed).

Anyway, the recipe to soulbind T0 is simply: 1x Angelic Soul + 1x Soulstone + T0 item = 1x Soulbound T0 item
and then for the second Soulbind: 2x Angelic Souls + 2x Soul Stones + 1x Soulbound T0 item = 2x Soulbound T0 item

T0 Soul Stones drops from all T0 bosses in Derinkuyu (not to be mistaken by the DIFFERENT Soul Stones that drops in Darkness Falls) but not 100% drop-chance so might take you some time to gather 24 Soul Stones which is required if you want to soulbind all your T0 items x2 that can be soulbound (shields, weapons and Rings can't be soulbound).
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