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Zerk Build Darkness Falls
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:49:00 AM »
So I've been playing for about a week now on Veteran & messed around with the Zerker and discovered melee dies way too often. This seems to be the only build that is viable in darkness falls assuming you don't have endgame gear but have aleast some mythics. If you don't have any mythics at all a great strategy is just to farm the mobs outside. They drop mythics quite often and hit hard but are easy to kill....

You'll need aleast 400 mana and 30 mana regen for this to work properly.

15 Blood Hunger (No brainer)
15 WolfPack (This skill is really OP makes berserkers deal the highest damage by far.)
15 Rampage you be killing a lot so this procs often
15 Storm claw with wolfpack this is a must.
15 Iceshield This is a must as there are many spellcasters that would 1 hit you. Just put this on and watch them kill themselves.
15 Howl
15 Shred Armor
15 Rage Retaliation
1 Shadow burst (Just to get around, you won't really be needing it much in a fight.)

The rest is up to you! Maybe battlerage or permafrost.

-Aleast 50% DR (In Darkness Falls)
-Cast Speed is very important 25%-40% is sufficient. You won't be needing too much or you'll have to compensate with higher mana regen. (Pertinent Shoulders, Eclipse Amulet are good mythics for cast speed and overall awesomeness.)
-Dodge 70%
-Crit 70%+ (Since your ranging you won't be charging up much.)
-Crit Damage 300%+

As for weapon of choice I personally use a 2h'er staff (Draconic Staff.) 4.8 mana regen & 25% Dragon Strike (Tbh I am not really sure what that is.) but it's the best weapon with the most dps I found for this build so far. (Obviously, if you find something better than wear that instead.) Since the staff does mostly fire damage I just enchant all my gear with fire damage %.

For Gloves if you can't find any good mythic ones then adamant are good legendary alternative. 10% to health. 45 Vit with 2 Richlu that's around a 5k boost for this build.

Sockets: Skull of Riechlu. 1500 health. Skull of Whorlbad 4.7 mana regen. Rambren Skulls 60% Crit Damage on Weapon. Salan's eternal eye if your lacking in DR.

Now for stats this is the tricky part.....

You wanna add some dex for dodge chance (Don't spend more than 9 points for each Dodge.) then the rest in vitality until you've aleast 12k+ hp in darkness falls. Why vitality? Because everything in darkness falls will 1 hit you if you don't have aleast 12k+ hp (50%+ DR). You need to survive aleast 1 hit so blood hunger will activate. Don't worry about str for now Wolfpack will still do a ton of damage since it's so broken :D  If you add all str you'll get 200% CD about 150% Weapon damage. All vitality you'll get about 9k more hp which seems to be way more viable. That is almost double my hp. Might be a big sacrifice in damage but think about this if your dying alot and not letting blood hunger activate you're doing even less dps overall. This is why Vitality is more important. I've 75% DR, 75% DODGE, 50% PARRY and I still find vitality works better.

Some extra tips....

After you've max stats to DR, DODGE, 14K+ HP & 100% Critical Chance (Should be quite easy to get from mythic gear.) keep farming angelic soulstones and put it all in Crit damage or health.

Some early gear that is good for this build is 2x Penitent rings which give 5.5-7.5 mana recovery, 15% crit chance, 10-15% DR, 55-60% crit damage. 2 pieces give 20% DR, 4 Pieces give 80% Crit Damage. These can be farmed from Troll King.

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