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LF playthrough buddies
« on: July 05, 2016, 10:43:13 PM »
Hi I'm Anthony I played torchlight 2 vanilla when it first came out and have just installed synergies and looking for someone to go through the whole game on elite difficulty
I'll pick my class based on what class you are playing I like to min max my characters ever since I played WoW
I can't play through steam as my account with the game bought on was banned due to some payday 2 shenanigans
So we would have to play through tunngle this let's me/you to set up a LAN game and we can connect to eachother
Add me on Skype I'm from the UK but I tend to be up at unnatural hours
Add me on skype : itsme.ant
Or just reply here and I'll get in touch excited to get back into TL2
Have fun and may the RNG loot Gods bless you