Author Topic: T1 1H weapon for Mage or summoning?  (Read 576 times)


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T1 1H weapon for Mage or summoning?
« on: July 22, 2016, 04:45:45 AM »
Have checked all T1 weapons and just found that there is no wands for elemental dmg or 1h weapons for Summon class (Necromancer Mainly) :/

I'm looking for that as far as I know that in T1 bosses rush, either parry effect block should be apply to keep ur characters alive regardless face tanking or not.

So...basically, for Embermage, as elemental damage is most important thing related to dps, only Eclipse sets and Brimstone sets would be considerable for him. But sadly these 6 sets have no parry effects nor wands. Brimstone mace + Brimstone shield might be considered as a weapon set for electrical or fire mages, but mace is just quite weird for a mage isn't it? And ice mage, sadly cannot choose from these at all. I would probably choose Angelic swords + Angelic shield for survival.

And Necro, currently Dreadful Incognito might be a decent choice for summoning. But same problem, no parry effect or shield+1H for this set.

I think this is more likely a issue should be solve in the further version of Synergies (if available). Any good suggestion to deal with this problem?